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How to Revoke an S Corp Election

Many limited liability companies (LLCs) and C Corporations choose to be taxed as S Corporations to lower their tax burden. It’s relatively easy to do as long as the business entity meets IRS requirements and files Form 2553. But what happens if a business owner finds an S Corp hasn’t worked to their advantage? Or perhaps, their situation has evolved, and S Corp status no longer benefits them. Fortunately, in either case, companies can revoke an S Corp election and change back to their original LLC or C Corp tax status.

To […]

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Five Steps To Becoming An Empowered Woman (Or Man) Business Owner

As a woman business owner, I’ve found that empowerment comes to us in two ways:

  1. Access to external sources of inspiration and knowledge
  2. Self-respect and self-confidence

You can sit around and wait for someone to empower you, or you can take the bull by the horns and take action to empower yourself. I will always vote for the latter of the two because it gives you more control over your entrepreneurial destiny.

Although women own nearly 30 percent of U.S. small businesses (according to the Status of Women in the United States website), […]

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5 Steps to Getting Back to The Heart of Your Business

Heart GraphicThe start of 2013 has brought a whole new crop of women who want to follow their passion and start their own businesses to my virtual door.  I love the excitement and energy behind each and every one of them.  Mostly because it is filled with heart.  There is nothing but pure, unadulterated passion behind their motives.  This is more than likely behind both men and women who are ready to jumpstart their lives with a new business venture.

For me this holds special […]

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Want to Start a Business in 2013? Questions to Ask Yourself

With the beginning of each New Year, many people take stock in their lives and what changes they may or may not want to make. We set out to lose weight, improve our careers, spend more time with family and friends, and probably take up a new hobby or two. A few years back, the New Year goals included growing my own business for me.

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Keeping Your Small Business Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of togetherness and celebration. Make sure to enjoy them all while feeling peace of mind about your business....Then, there is the wonderful prospect of the new year and new projects on the horizon! Here is a quick list of ways to keep both your business and apple pie from getting burned during the holiday season.

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Here’s to the Female Entrepreneur – My Toast for American Business Women’s Day

eptember 22 is American Business Women’s Day – a day founded by the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) to celebrate the contributions that women have made to the economy. As the (female) CEO of a small company that helps entrepreneurs start a business (Whether it's incorporating a business, fomring an LLC or simply setting up a sole proprietorship/DBA) and get their businesses off the ground, I have the incredible fortune to work with countless budding and talented business owners. Here are my thoughts on this important day…

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