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Five Tips for Hiring Freelancers

As your business grows, so too does your payroll. Hiring can be one of the biggest struggles for growing business. The amount of time, money, and other resources needed to find, vet, hire, and train new employees are overwhelming. And, when these new employees don’t work out, you find yourself in an even bigger hole […]

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Why an Inactive Business is Costing You Money

Someone once told me that a true sign of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to know when it’s time to throw in the towel and move on. One failed business doesn’t define an entrepreneur. Plus, when one door closes, another usually opens.

Closing a business doesn’t just mean selling your assets and calling it a […]

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6 Hiring Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

As you grow your business, you will inevitably need to hire help. If you’ve never been an employer before, there are certain pitfalls you need to avoid that many business owners make. Here’s your guide to what not to do in hiring staff.

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Starting a Business: What Roles Do You Need to Fill?

When you first start your business, whether you are set up as a sole proprietorship, partnership, a corporation, or a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you may take on all the work yourself. After all, you consider yourself a great multitasker, so why not do it all yourself? You’ll learn this lesson sooner than later, but I’d rather you do it now and save yourself a lot of headache later: you’ve got to delegate to be an effective entrepreneur. That means that from Day 1, you should have the right people on your team that will help you skyrocket to success.

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