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Where’s the Best Place to Launch Your Startup?

Many startups can literally be run anywhere in the world. With the cloud, both sales and support functions are virtual — a top-notch software company no longer needs a large local sales force to sell its product via tons of in-person meetings. This opens up the possibility of launching your startup anywhere from Bozeman, Mont., to Tampa, Fla. To find the best entrepreneurial hotspot these days, you might look at the top locations for venture capital investments or where the cost of living is lowest. But where’s the best place foryou to launch your startup?

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The Difference Between a DBA, Sole Proprietor, Corporation and LLC

When you’re starting or running a small business, countless questions arise, particularly surrounding your business’ legal structure: Is my business legal? What kind of business structure means I’ll pay the least in taxes? What happens if my business gets sued? What business structure is best for me?

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Day Job

've often heard (and you probably have too) that you can't half-ass a startup. While that's true, not every entrepreneur starts a business with between six and 24 months' worth of living expenses set aside. In other words, while you're laying the groundwork for your startup, there's still the pesky reality of rent, mortgages and other bills.

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How to Minimize Risk When Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly viable option for startups who need to raise much-needed funds without the help of VCs, angels or banks. To date, more than $680 million has been raised on Kickstarter. For a young, bootstrapping startup, crowdfunding is often seen as fast money that will help you build out the product or app you and your team have always dreamed about. Whether or not a project ultimately reaches its funding goals, it’s still relatively quick and easy to post your pitch and see what happens.

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Calendar vs. Fiscal Year: What’s Right for Your Business?

When you start a business, you might be faced with deciding how to set up your tax year for your business. Should your accounting period be aligned with the regular calendar year (as you’ve probably been accustomed to with your personal taxes) or should you define your own start and end dates for reporting your tax year?

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How to Turn your Passion into Profit

Have you dreamed about being your own boss? Do you have a passion (maybe writing, cooking, or landscaping) that you’d love to turn into a business? If so, you're one of the fortunate few who has the opportunity to start a business doing something you love. After working with thousands of entrepreneurs over the past decade, I’ve learned some important lessons when it comes to turning a passion into profit:

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