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5 Legal Documents Your Business Structure Probably Needs

If you’re thinking about incorporating a business, or have recently done so, you might assume that all the work is up front with the actual filing. That’s not the case. There are still several documents you’re required by law to create and update. And even if you’re not a corporation, there are still legal documents you might need for your business. Let’s take a look.

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Affordable Legal Services? Unheard of!

At Corpnet, we've made starting a business really easy, just ask any of the several thousands of small businesses that have launched with our help over the years. However, our goal is to make sure that you business achieves all of the success that your hard work deserves and to that end we are launching a new service to make sure that running a business becomes a little easier as well.

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Why Your Startup Needs an NDA

If you are starting a business, you may be lucky or smart enough to have a truly unique business idea. Perhaps it is a method or product that can be patented, or a unique way of doing business. Very few people in the world know the secret formula for Coca-Cola, or the exact combination of herbs and spices that Col. Sanders put into his fried chicken.

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Picking a Business Structure and Name: What Matters

As a startup entrepreneur, your time is precious. What you decide NOT to spend time on, is just as important as what you DO spend time on. Keep your eye on the sales ball. Brand is more important than ever - take the steps to build it from day one. It will pay off in increased sales if you do a good job. And protect it. Consider filing for a trademark to protect your brand as early as possible.

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Attorneys/Accountants: Clients Starting a Business? Talk to CorpNet!

Are you a CPA or attorney whose clients want to start a business and need help with the business filings? Refer your clients to CorpNet for a free business consultation on how to incorporate a business. We offer free tools, advice and guidance on to help choose a business structure, form an LLC, set up an S-Corporation or other corporate entity.

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The #1 reason why I should have hired CorpNet a long time ago…

I recently hired CorpNet to incorporate a business for me: Big Entertainment, LLC. It was an awesome experience and I'm really glad I did it - and my only regret is that I didn't form an LLC a long time ago. Do you want to feel this same kind of relief and optimism that comes from finally starting a business? It all starts with a single call to CorpNet. Start a business the right way, today - you won't be sorry. And you'll never have to see your accountant cry.

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How to Form an LLC or Incorporate a Business

For the small business owner, incorporating a business or forming an LLC raises many questions: Where do I start? How much does it cost to incorporate or to form an LLC? How long does the process take? Can I form my own corporation or LLC or is an attorney required? In this post, I’ll break down the steps required to incorporate a business or form an LLC, as well as explain the three different methods: do-it-yourself, legal filing service, or an attorney.

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