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Professional LLCs – FAQs

Happy June! Summer is fast approaching and with new beginnings, we bring you a new post in our FAQ series! This month, we discuss the Professional LLC, or “PLLC” and the ins and outs of filing them.

What is a PLLC?

A Professional Limited Liability Company is a special type of LLC that’s designed for licensed professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, and doctors (typically, professions that require a license). Some states do not allow licensed professionals to form an LLC since they don’t want them to escape personal responsibility for professional malpractice by […]

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Registered Agents – FAQs

Happy May! This month, we will be going over the requirements for being or maintaining a registered agent and what the registered agent does for your business.

Q: What is the purpose of the registered agent?

A: The registered agent is the person named to receive important legal and tax documents on behalf of a business in a given state. This includes important mail sent by the state (annual reports or statements), state tax documents, as well as any Notices of Litigation. Virtually all states require corporations, LLCs, LLPs, LPs and […]

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Add Hours to Your Business Day by Handling These 5 Tasks Online

When it comes to being more productive, you’ve got to give a hand to technology. Just think of how much less we’d get done when it comes to business efficiency if we didn’t have the Internet and all those amazing apps we use to get work done. Still, I’m amazed at how many people still do certain tasks the hard way, when there are easier ways to do them online. Take a leap into the 21st century by updating these business processes.

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Florida Annual Report: 7 Things You Must Know

If you have incorporated in Florida or formed an LLC in Florida, your deadline for filing your Annual Report is May 1. Here are 7 facts that you need to know to ensure that your corporation or LLC remains compliant in the state of Florida. You Must File an Annual Report Whether Your Business Has Changes or Not While the purpose of the Annual Report is to ensure that the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations has your company’s most updated information, you still have to file the document, even if you have no changes since last year.

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Georgia Annual Report: You’ve Got Questions; We’ve Got Answers

If you have incorporated in Georgia, you may not realize that your Annual Report is due on April 1, just around the corner! Here we answer some commonly asked questions about filing that report. What is an Annual Report? Your Annual Report is a document or form you fill out each year that updates the Georgia Secretary of State office on your business, its contact information, and details on the Board members and managers.

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Set the Right Kind of Business Goals for 2013

Do you have big plans for 2013? Maybe you want to start your own business, change careers, or nab a big promotion. Maybe you want to grow your business or learn a new skill. It’s easy to make big goals this year, but bringing your plan to fruition takes hard work.

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Choosing the Right Partnership for Your Business

In recent years, various new legal structures have emerged, including the LLC (Limited Liability Company). That’s good news for small businesses—because let’s face it, not all businesses are the same, and the same corporation structure isn’t right for everyone. Yet more options bring new questions about which business structure to use. For many entrepreneurs, the process of picking a business structure is uncharted territory. If you’re a small business owner or service professional, here’s a quick primer on two important legal structures: the LLC and the LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). We’ll explore the key differences and details to help you determine which is better for your business.

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What Corporate Structure is Best for Funding Your Business?

Are you considering VC funding? Want to apply for a business loan? Did you know that your legal business structure impacts the type of capital and financing you can access for your business? Determining which kind of legal structure is right for your business will depend on what kind of financing you want to seek as listed in this post.