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How to Hire Your First Employee

Hiring your first employee is exciting. It means your business is growing and you need someone with special skills to help take it further.

Do Uber Drivers Need an LLC?

Uber drivers, even those doing rideshare driving as a side-gig, are considered to be earning income through self-employment. Just like other self-employed independent contractors, they face some critical startup decisions—including what business entity type to choose for their business.

Should Uber Drivers Form an LLC?

After signing the Uber contract to designate themselves as a self-employed private contractor, Uber drivers face the decision of what type of business structure they should operate under.

They shouldn’t take this lightly, because the business structure chosen will affect their tax obligations and degree of personal liability.

When Uber drivers […]

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What Is the LLC Tax Rate?

Before forming an LLC, many entrepreneurs ask about the standard LLC tax rate to see if this form of entity is a solid option for their new business. This is an excellent question and one that can be best answered by exploring what an LLC is and how it is taxed.

The LLC (limited liability company) business entity type is one of the most popular selected by small business owners. It shields the owner’s personal assets from the liabilities of the business and may result in some tax savings to boot. The […]

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