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Tax Season Survival Kit for Accountants

No matter what your industry, you know when your busy season is about to start. For retailers, it’s the holidays; for florists, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day; for water parks or surf schools, summer. For accountants, of course, it’s tax season, where you can generate half your annual revenue or more for your accounting during these busy months. But how do you handle the extra workload during tax season without losing your sanity? Our tax season survival kit for accountants can help.

10 Steps to Help Accountants Survive Tax Season

Step 1. Create a Game […]

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Increasing Client Satisfaction in Accounting Firms

What if you could increase customer satisfaction, while also increasing your revenue and profits? What if you could accomplish both objectives without changing your existing workload or staff?

In a recent webinar, we walked through the benefits moving towards a more proactive mode with clients by helping them manage the burden of incorporation, LLC filings, registered agent services, and annual compliance management. We also explored CorpNet’s partner program and showed how CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers can easily add these services to their existing advisory offering.

At the end of the […]

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Use Your 2017 Client Base to Grow Your Accounting Business in 2018

Right about now, your accounting business is probably up to its eyeballs in tax returns. You may be so busy you’re forgetting that your New Year’s resolution for 2018 was to grow your accounting business by making better use of your existing client base.

No matter how busy you are, set aside some time each week to work on marketing to your existing client base. Here’s how to do it:

Get to Know Your Clients Better

You may think you already have a great relationship with your accounting clients, but how well do you really […]

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Increase Accounting Services Revenue With Business Formation and Compliance Monitoring

Accountants are critical to the success of any small business. In fact, Accountants and CPAs are the most important professionals for small businesses. Yet given this level of importance, only 67% of small businesses are only satisfied with their accountant.

What if you could easily increase that rate of satisfaction?

Your Clients Are Already Struggling with Paperwork

As accounting professionals, you already have clients who are struggling with business formation and compliance paperwork. A recent survey by Wasp Barcode Technologies reported that 33% of small businesses listed managing paperwork as a top accounting […]

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Attorneys/Accountants: Clients Starting a Business? Talk to CorpNet!

Are you a CPA or attorney whose clients want to start a business and need help with the business filings? Refer your clients to CorpNet for a free business consultation on how to incorporate a business. We offer free tools, advice and guidance on to help choose a business structure, form an LLC, set up an S-Corporation or other corporate entity.

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