Here at CorpNet, we love talking with business owners. Although we are an “online incorporation service,” we believe that this description sounds too “technical” and impersonal to accurately reflect what we do. Because the truth is, our business is all about people. We talk on the phone every day with first-time entrepreneurs and aspiring small business owners who are getting ready to take the plunge into self-employment. We hear from them about their hopes and enthusiasms, fears and concerns. It’s fun because we get to have a finger on the pulse of America’s newest entrepreneurs – we hear what’s on their minds, where they see opportunities, and what they are trying to accomplish with their businesses.

I am energized and inspired every day by the stories we hear from our customers. Whether it’s a husband and wife who are achieving their dream of owning a restaurant, or a talented young marketing consultant who sets up his own consulting firm, or an experienced Fortune 500 corporate attorney who establishes his own law practice, or a former stuntman and personal trainer who establishes a thriving chain of fitness clubs, CorpNet’s customers represent the best traditions of America: entrepreneurship, ambition and achievement.

But along with all the positive energy that goes with starting a business, there can be some confusion and uncertainty as well. Most new entrepreneurs are not experts in small business issues. There are daunting requirements and a lot of confusingly-written legalese to sort out when you’re trying to start a new business. Many new entrepreneurs need some extra help to make sure they make the right decisions for their companies, whether it’s choosing the right business structure or setting up the company the right way for tax purposes, or figuring out how to file the right reports with the state authorities.

That’s where CorpNet comes in. We don’t just file documents online. We don’t just process paperwork. We take an active role in helping our customers figure out what to do to launch their businesses the right way – by offering a free business consultation to anyone who calls.

Maybe this sounds crazy. After all, how can our business afford to give away so much time and advice, for free? But here’s the thing: at CorpNet, we decided to set up our business based on customer service and personal interaction. We are a small business, helping other small businesses succeed. We want our customers to feel comfortable with the decisions they make. We want them to know that “real people” are here to help them – not just an impersonal online system.

So if you’re trying to decide how to proceed with starting a business, talk to CorpNet today and we’ll give you a free business consultation. Whatever questions you might have, chances are we’ve helped one of thousands of other entrepreneurs overcome the same issues.

If you have questions on how to open a business bank account, how to file an annual report, how to operate under different names, or any other complex issues particular to your business, call CorpNet at 1-888-449-2638 and we’ll be happy to give you a free business consultation.

NOTE: CorpNet does not offer legal advice. Our business consultants are experts in incorporating businesses and processing business filings, so we are happy to address any questions related to these topics. For accounting or legal-related questions, please consult your legal, financial or tax advisers.