You may have noticed that I have been slightly absent lately.  Let me tell you why.  My absence is mainly due to the fact that I got twisted up in a Small Business Tornado.  In a thunderstorm of deadlines, work projects, writing assignments, and family obligations, I just simply tried to run my way out any way that I could.  Essentially, ‘I made a dash for it‘ without a plan.  Not a good choice.

I was not thinking clearly, and then I realized suddenly that I went through a similar natural disaster about a year ago and made the same mistake.  Not sure why?  

Was it the Indian Summer that led to the inferno?  All the ice-cream that I ate during the summer months?  The excitement of back-to-school and throwing too much on my plate?  I just don’t know.  I just faced the storm head-on without a plan and it knocked me over.

Sometimes being in a startup business can be as unpredictable as the weather, but just like carrying an umbrella or a hat, we can do a few steps to prevent a catastrophe in business.

Top Five Steps to Avoid Chaos and Disaster as a Small Business Owner

  1. Hold Tight to Your Calendar.  Never ever let go of your calendar because it will blow away in the storm and get out of hand.  No matter how hectic your business and/or personal life becomes, keep on scheduling and planning.  Keep track of your time and appointments.  Period.  If you don’t know where to be, you will be even more lost.
  2. Batten Down the Hatches. Set deadlines.  Make them firm and don’t let them get away from you.  Do not let any more work in until the deadlines are checked off for previous work.  This is the power of saying ‘no’ and learning to use it when you really cannot afford to take on anything else.  Plan for emergency scenarios.
  3. Read, Read, Read Carefully and then have someone else (like your lawyer) Read, Read, Read Carefully.  This step goes hand in hand with Listen, Listen, Listen.  Around a year ago, I was presented with a contract that I was in too much of hurry to sign and celebrate.  BIG mistake on my part.  What was even worse was this – my lawyer told me I would regret it and I do.  Sometimes storms bring oodles of excitement.  Don’t get caught up in the glow of the lightning and be quick with your signature.  Planning takes deliberation as do deals and contracts.
  4. Keep Emergency Supplies on Hand.  In a day of being almost 100% reliant on our computers for everything, we often neglect to have a few staples of conducting business on hand.  These types of things are stamps, deposit slips, staples, packaging tape, printer supplies, and snacks for YOU as a business person.  Keep your office stocked with a little stash for both your business and your stomach.  It is impossible to make a well thought out plan and think clearly on a rumbling stomach.
  5. Have a plan in place with those around you.  I talk about accountability quite a bit.  Enlist a fellow small business owner or family member or both to remind you of your goals and ask on your progress and if you are sticking to your plan.  Devise a strategy if the atmosphere gets too tough to take where your collaborators and you gather together and work as a team to keep each other safe from the tornado (sometimes otherwise known as Small Business).

I know that business can present with a whole new forecast daily just like the meteorologists, but I also know that we can help control how we adjust to our startup’s temperature fluctuations.  It is by being calm, cool and collected ourselves.

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