Starting a business blog is very important in this Social Media age.  It seems everyone is writing a blog these days so don’t be left behind. You can incorporate the blog into your website and the constantly updated content is useful for Search Engine Optimization too.

What to Write About

A blog is an ideal window for you to talk about what is going on in your business; for example new products, employees or even everyday life in your business. You can give advice on something you know well like Nellie Akalp , CEO does on this CorpNet blog about startups and business incorporation needs. If someone sees that you are an expert in something they could be potential clients or maybe recommend you to others. A blog is also a great way to advertise your business but as I always say – be subtle as that works far better than full on sales spiel.

Guest Bloggers and Copywriters

Maybe use guest bloggers to mix it up a little – experts in different fields – as well as writing yourself if you can. Some business owners don’t like writing, don’t have the time or perhaps it isn’t their forté so you can outsource it to copywriters. They can keep with your style, write about subjects you decide on or even just decipher your scribbles and turn it into something worth reading. Check with your employees as you could have a budding writer in your midst. Even ask your customers if they would like to guest write occasionally. It is good publicity for their business and they will like you all the more for it.

Grow Your Network

A blog can even grow your network by simply writing a summation post linking to other blogs you have found interesting. These are also handy if you are getting writer’s block. Pick a topic and collate posts on that subject which you like, then link to them with a short description and those bloggers should see the link inclusion via their blogging platforms.  They will like you for this as it’s spreading their network to your readers. You never know, one day they may return the favor. From my experience summation posts often get more shares and traffic than normal posts.

Check and Double Check

If you are writing the blog yourself or even publishing someone else’s writing on your blog check and double-check again. Remember this is an advertisement for you and your company so you don’t really want it to show poor spelling and grammar.  If you make mistakes on it with links or errors then it’s possible the potential client reading your post will be turned off from your business. I have often read through my posts at least ten times before publishing and still minor mistakes can easily be made. Use spellcheck and maybe ask someone else to have a look over it as it always helps if seen with a fresh pair of eyes.

Share on Social Media

Share your blog posts on all Social Media channels and if you have been nice and retweeted other people’s blogs then hopefully people will share yours too.  Make it simple for people to share your post by adding Social Share buttons – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc, etc. These can also track where your post is shared the most which will give you an idea which Social Media channel is working best for your business.

Make sure you add your own Social Media links so people can connect with you easily. Ensure they are simply found along with your contact details. I’m baffled sometimes by people who don’t do this. As with all links check them right the way through to ensure they work, broken links are not a good advertisement for your business.

Blog Comments

Don’t make your reader have to go through hoops to be able to leave a comment. Only signing up to one type of comment system excludes those who maybe aren’t with it or don’t actually want to join it.  Just being able to give your name, email and website is handy or post as a guest. And if you moderate your comments before publishing ensures you check them frequently although personally I find it frustrating when I see “your comment is awaiting moderation”. I don’t check back to see if it has been posted or not – not sure how many people would. Always try and respond to comments, even negative ones, engagement is key with anything to do with Social Media, even if it’s just a thank you for commenting.

To get even more exposure for your posts upload them to and then they are seen and shared with even more people that won’t necessarily be looking at your site. If the post does well with votes you could even get into the Bizsugar weekly top ten and get into their newsletter. All of this is great to point people back to your website and therefore your business.

What suggestions do you have for blog writing for your business? Let us know!!!