I have to say that 2012 has been pretty amazing for me. From going it alone in 2010 and being just that little bit scared I am now part of Corpnet.com, Bizsugar.com, TweakYourBiz.com and AhainGroup.com. That’s a lot of amazing big .com’s to appreciate I know, and I still have my staple accountancy clients.

Being an accountant and a writer is a bit of a head wreck at times – they do talk about using different parts of your brain for Maths and English. Then again I just think it’s all a lot of creativity so it’s the same thing at the end of the day. :)

As it’s New Year’s Day I thought I’d look back at my year in blog posts; not just mine but also ones I’ve really liked and share them with you. Hopefully giving you some Social Media insights plus some of my life throughout this brilliant year.

Twitter Ethos at The Cliff House Hotel, Ardmore

Around this time last New Year I realized that I had a kind of forte in interviewing people. I think this is a cross between me being incredibly nosey and also wanting to know how everything works plus my journalist studies years ago. At the beginning of this year I interviewed the General Manager of the local 5 star hotel and it went quite mad online with shares and reads.

CorpNet.Com Incorporation Services’ Nellie R. Akalp On Running A Business And A Family

I came across Nellie Akalp of Corpnet several times through blogs on Mashable and Bizsugar. Being the inquisitive me I thought I really needed to interview this amazing woman about her business and family life. And what a turning point this was as Nellie then asked me to write for the CorpNet blog. Just shows what a simple connection can do.

Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest is the in thing this year and lots of businesses are jumping onboard. But are they doing the right thing? I have a lot of respect for Lorna Sixsmith of Write On Track and she explains it here simply why businesses should be using Pinterest.

Cliff House Hotel Heaven

In my previous life in London I had many holidays a year. However, since getting my dogs five years ago I’ve only ever been away for a few days because I miss them so much. Silly I know for people who don’t have dogs, understandable I’m sure for those that do. This is my “holiday” in May in the Cliff House Hotel and I have to admit I’d do it again instead of a week abroad any time.

Starting a Business? Start on Twitter Too.

Being a “Twitter Girl” of course my first post on CorpNet had to be about promoting yourself effectively on Twitter.

How To Get More Traffic: 3 Steps To Create More Evergreen Content

For me this is the best post I’ve ever read about creating brilliant content. It’s written by a colleague of mine, Niall Devitt, and I have to admit that if I could share all his posts then I would because he always provides great insights.

How to get more Likes on Facebook

I am a big fan of Amanda Webb of Spiderworking. She really knows her Facebook stuff and you can guarantee that every post she writes will be informative and worth reading.

New TweakYourBiz Managing Editor: Congratulations Sian Phillips!

In September 2012 I was incredibly chuffed to become the new Managing Editor of Tweak Your Biz. Being an Accountant for most of my working life but aspiring to be a writer this was a huge accolade and turning point for me.

10 Ways To Create A Bad Blog

And finally, one of my favorites to write and seemingly most liked blog posts on CorpNet. I was asked to be a judge for the Irish Blog Awards and after reading 100’s I was getting a bit frustrated with some so I wrote this post. Little did I realize it would gain such traction :)

So there you go, those are my Top 10 posts of 2012. But I’ve probably read thousands over the year and I could do the top 100 if I had the time. I remember about 10 years ago first hearing the word “blog” and thinking what a strange word. Little did I realize that I’d be reading and writing blogs every day 10 years later. But I love it.

Happy New Year to all and here’s to an amazing 2013 which is full of success and great posts too.