Video Marketing Advertising Concept BackgroundIf you’re producing content for the Internet, your top priority is making sure that content is seen. You can tell all of your customers to check it out, but that will only bring those who already know about your brand. To truly attract attention, your content needs to make a prominent showing in search results.

With video content, this process can be much trickier. Videos are, by their very nature, SEO unfriendly. Search algorithms look for text and without it, they can completely miss a winning piece of content. Here are some tips to boost your videos in search rankings.

Offer a Video Transcript

If you’ve ever visited a TV news site, you’ve likely seen the value in providing a transcript to go along with the video. This gives visitors the choice of watching the video or reading the story, depending on their preference and the technology they’re using at the moment. But TV news sites realize that when you have a transcript to go along with your video, you have plenty of text to attract the attention of algorithms.

Of course, in order for that plan to be effective, you’ll need a video that has the best key phrases for your intended audience. In addition to incorporating those keywords as you write your script, you’ll also need to make sure you’re creating interesting videos that people will want to click over to see in the first place.

Create Separate Landing Pages

One way to boost your visibility is to put each video on a separate landing page. This will allow you to create a URL for each video that includes the key phrase you’re trying to use to draw people over. You can create a detailed description or a transcript of the video that provides the text necessary for SEO.

You can also tag each of these pages with the keywords necessary to attract traffic. Since each video will have its own landing page, you can create videos to cover a wide variety of topics of interest to potential customers.

Beef Up Your Video Description

If your video is posted on a site like YouTube, make sure you pack your description with information that will draw customers to you. You’ll have less space to work within this format, so it’s important to work the necessary keywords into your description. Choose keywords that will set your video apart from other content out there that would attract customers in your target demographic.

However, keywords are secondary to winning over visitors. Readability should take top priority, with keywords worked in naturally. If your video has value, you’ll attract numerous comments, which will boost your search rankings

Video content draws customers in, making it a great way to build your brand and introduce your customers to your business. Whether you’re producing instructional videos, behind-the-scenes shots of your business, or marketing materials, if you can find a way to win the search algorithms, you’ll have a better chance of reaching potential customers and convert them to sales.