Here at CorpNet, we often hear from prospective customers who are asking for a discount, or who are trying to get the lowest price on incorporation services.

I know that the economy continues to be tough and businesses of all sizes are trying to cut costs. Especially if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who’s decided to start a business for the first time, we know that every dollar counts and you need to spend smarter than ever before.

But ultimately, we believe that if you want to start a business the right way and incorporate your company on time, with accuracy and reliability and helpful advice, it’s worth paying a bit extra for high-quality incorporation services.

CorpNet already offers highly competitive prices, and we often offer special discounts for occasions like Black Friday. But the reason we charge the prices we do – and the reason we won’t go any lower – is that we offer a premium service. Not only do you get a good price from CorpNet, but you also get unmatched expertise, responsiveness and timeliness. We get the job done the right way, on time, every time!

When you choose CorpNet to help you start a business and incorporate your company, you don’t just get an incorporation filing. You get:

  • A team of top business formation experts managing document filings according to industry-leading best practices: CorpNet has an in-house team of business consultants who will help you navigate the complexities of incorporating a company. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. You don’t have to worry about filling out the wrong form or exposing your company to potential difficulties. We take care of all the details, the hassles and the “legwork” for you. Hiring CorpNet (instead of trying to incorporate a business by yourself) is like the difference between relaxing in your first-class airplane seat and trying to fly the plane!
  • A decade of business formation experience and industry stability: There are no “newbies” on our team. We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs start a business. No matter what situation you’re facing with your business incorporation needs, we’ve done it before.
  • Unlimited Live Customer Service Support: Starting with a Free Business Consultation, CorpNet pulls out ALL the stops to make sure you get the support you need, at every step of the process. No other incorporation service has friendlier, more helpful people who are more generous with their time. We make every effort to guide our customers through the process of starting a business – with no delays, no confusion, and no unpleasant surprises.

Sometimes when you’re trying to decide whether to get help with your business, it can be hard to know who to trust. Check out our 100% positive customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau – all of these other people had a wonderful experience working with CorpNet. You will too!

Chances are, if you look at your life as a consumer and business owner, there are many times where you pay more for a certain product or service, because “cheaper” is not always “better.” CorpNet wants you to find the right fit for your business needs, and if price is the only factor in your decision on how to incorporate your business, then you should go with a cheaper provider.

But if your business values support, reliability, credibility and timeliness, CorpNet outshines other providers. We believe that we offer the best package of incorporation services, with the most friendly and detail-oriented support, with the most reliable delivery of business filings – all at unbeatable prices.

Most of our customers keep coming back to CorpNet for repeat business, for years to come. We hope to make you one of them!

Ready to talk about how we can help you start a business? Contact CorpNet today.