Think back to your playground days. I’m willing to bet you know more than a girl or two who ruled the roost. Who played teacher, commandeering the boys in her class to act as students, or who coordinated games.

Even back then, the females you knew were building valuable skills to one day leverage as entrepreneurs. Don’t believe me? The numbers don’t lie.

Women are Beating Out National Averages

Every year, it seems there are an increasing number of female-run businesses. In fact, from 1997 to 2013, woman-owned businesses increased 59%, while the overall national average of businesses opening was just 41%. We mean business!

And earnings for woman-owned businesses has seen a healthy increase, rising from $35,135 in 2012 to $54,114 the following year — an impressive 54% increase.

What About Financing?

Women haven’t historically been aggressive about seeking funding, but that seems to be changing. According to Biz2Credit’s recent study of woman-owned businesses, the “fairer sex” (ha!) raised $55 million, with an average loan size of $85,000. Just think what we can do with more money put into our companies!

So Why the Increase?

Credit speculates about why we’re seeing such a solid boost in women running the world businesses:

  • With flexibility in where they work, more women are opting to start and run businesses from home, where they can spend more time with their families
  • More women are earning degrees, which puts the wheels in motion about how they can apply them in an entrepreneurial fashion
  • It’s cheaper than ever to start a business

I’d add my own thoughts here. We as a society have moved away from the male-dominated world of business. As more people realize that ladies are just as smart (if not sometimes smarter) as their male counterparts, we open up the door for more equal opportunities in the business world.

And hey, if you still work for a misogynistic boss, you can always quit and do an even better job than he does in your industry!

We may never end the debate about who is more successful at running a business, but it’s fun to discuss, isn’t it? Here’s an interesting infographic about the state of women-run small businesses.