Work/life balance. Thanks to all the hype about it, you might find yourself feeling like a bit of a failure if you’ve yet to achieve it to perfection.

My advice to you: Don’t beat yourself up about it! A faraway land where forest animals sing, pumpkins turn into coaches, and where work and home life demand equal amounts of your time every day simply doesn’t exist.

In reality, balancing personal and professional obligations will never be an evenly split 50/50 arrangement.

As an entrepreneur, sometimes you’ll need to make your business your top priority (especially when you’re starting your company) and other times you’ll need to push work aside to tend to your home and family.

My husband and I experience the challenge of work/life balance daily. Because we are both intense people running a company in a highly competitive industry while also trying to nurture a happy, healthy marriage and care for our four children, it can get tricky.

Sometimes our teenagers need my time because of peer issues or feeling overwhelmed at school, and other times one of my younger children may be sick and need extra TLC. And then on the other hand, I sometimes need to give our business more attention so we stay on schedule with payroll or make our numbers to reach month-end goals. I also occasionally miss after-school activities when I commit to making professional appearances or providing interviews to the media. In those instances, it could create bad press and loss of business opportunities if I don’t make my company the top priority.

Repeat after me…

“Perfectly balanced work/life balance is a fairytale.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t live happily ever after.

The key is to recognize when the scales need to tip in one direction or the other. You also need to do what needs to be done, so you can again redirect attention to ensure neither home nor work become neglected for the long term. Realize there will be give and take from both sides to achieve overall harmony between the two.

Failing to give both home and work equal attention all of the time doesn’t make you a failure as a business owner, spouse, or parent. It just means you’re living in the real world—and facing the same real world challenges we all face as busy entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

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