Graphic of Blog Concept

When I Google my name, I’m always surprised at how many channels I’m a published blogger on. Forbes, AllBusiness, Mashable…there’s a long list of places I write content, and let me tell you: it’s all part of my strategy.

I’ll share with you the reasons I guest blog so prolifically.

1. It Expands My Reach

While we certainly have some loyal readers on CorpNet’s Startup Starting Line, I’m always eager to reach more people and help them start a business successfully. When I write content for these blogs, people who wouldn’t otherwise have found me now have a connection to me and to CorpNet.

2. It Helps Me Brand

The more places both I and CorpNet appear, the more brand recognition we both get. So people start seeing our names over and over and think, “I keep hearing a lot about CorpNet. I need to check it out.”

I don’t mind sharing with you the fact that we recently tested out reducing our spend on online ads. The kicker? We didn’t see a drop in traffic to our site at all. In fact, it increased! I attribute that in part to my guest blogging.

3. It Hones My Craft

When I write about small business topics, I sharpen my own skills. I have to know the latest trends and industry research, so it’s good exercise for my brain. I feel like a better business owner when I’m on top of what’s happening in the small business community.

4. It Connects Me

On every blog I write for, there’s a community of both writers and readers. Sometimes those communities overlap from one blog to another. But I like feeling like part of the Cool Kids’ Club, and participating in these communities helps me be in it.

5. It Provides Media Opportunities

I’ve been a frequent guest on FOX Small Business, and I can thank my heavy online presence for that. Media brands want experts who have worked hard to establish their expertise in an area. I’m glad to see my work paying off.

6. It’s Earned Me Awards

If I didn’t blog beyond the four walls of my company blog, I probably wouldn’t have been nominated for (and won several years in a row) the Small Business Influencer Awards. But because I do guest blog, my readers across the ‘Net, as well as my customers, have supported me by voting for both CorpNet and myself.

7. I Enjoy It!

In case you can’t tell, I’m pretty darn passionate about small business. What better way to get my fix than to talk about what I love? Blogging provides me a channel to do just that.

Are you guest blogging? If you’re not, you should be. It’s a fantastic way to expand your reach and find new customers.