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Business Filings

Business Filings

A corporation or LLC must maintain corporate compliance in order to remain in good standing with the office of the secretary of state. Maintaining good "Corporate Standing" may require Initial & Annual Reports, documentation and filing for fundamental changes to your corporation, and more. CorpNet can assist you with any of these corporate filings in any state. Using CorpNet can save you time and money with service that is Fast, Reliable, Affordable, and 100% Guaranteed!

  • Obtaining Business Licenses & Permits
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    Obtaining Business Licenses Permits

    Businesses are required to comply with business license and business permit regulations. Don't let licensing requirements overwhelm you! Obtain a Business License or Permit today and avoid unnecessary penalties.

  • Conversions $199
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    articales of conversion

    A conversion is necessary when a company decides to convert their entity from one entity type to another entity type. From a C-Corporation to an LLC.

  • Initial Reports $69
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    initial report

    In certain states, a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) is required to file an Initial Report, also known as a Statement of Information with the secretary of state’s office.

  • Annual Reports $69
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    annual report

    If your state requires you to file an Annual Report, there is a specific due date upon which the form must be filed by each year to keep your company in order to maintain corporate compliance with the state.

  • Foreign Qualifications $199
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    Foreign Qualifications

    If your company is incorporated in a particular state, but is conducting business in a state other than the state of formation, the state where the business transactions are taking place may require you to qualify your Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) within the state.

  • Reinstatements $199
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    corporate reinstatement

    In order for the Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) to return to active compliant status with the secretary of state’s office, if they have administratively been dissolved or placed in 'non-compliance' the Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) may be required to file for “Reinstatement” of their company.

  • Name Reservations $49
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    business name reservation

    A Name reservation consists of a business filing with the Secretary of State’s office to reserve your company name until you are ready to incorporate your business or Form a Limited Liability Company.

  • Registered Agent Services (All 50 States) $149
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    Registered Agent Services

    The registered agent is responsible for accepting official notices from the Secretary of State and service of process in the event the corporation is sued.

  • Federal Tax ID Numbers (EIN's) $69
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    federal tax id

    An Employer Identification Number (EIN) (also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number), is used to identify a business entity.

  • S-Corporation Elections $49
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    s corporation election

    An S-Corporation is formed in the same manner as a C-Corporation, the corporate entity makes an election with the IRS to be taxed as a “pass-through entity” under subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • CorpNet EXPRESS Filing Services $100
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    express filing service

    Using CorpNet’s® Rush Filing service can get your documents processed and filed within 24-48 hours in most states!