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If you plan to start a business in agriculture, you’ll be delving into all manner of subjects; from dealing with animals and husbandry to finding the best way to grow healthy plants using cutting-edge technology.

Whatever agriculture business you start, know that there are some pretty heavy business licenses, permits & tax regulations for much of what you’ll do, and that you’ll need to have at least one agricultural license to ensure that you’re compliant with state and federal requirements.

Examples of Agricultural Licenses

For example, if you sell organic produce, you have to have an agricultural permit that says your product meets the standards the USDA has set forth for what constitutes as organic food. If you want to sell seeds, you need a Seed Dealer Business License that allows you to import and export seeds across state or country lines.

If you want to work as a Weights and Measures inspector, while that might not seem to fall under agribusiness, you’ll need to take an exam and get a Weights and Measures license to work in the field. Other agriculture licenses include:

  • Agricultural Business
  • Animal Dealer
  • Commercial Feed License
  • Fertilizer License
  • Food Stamp/SNAP Program License
  • Nursery-Plant Dealer License
  • Seed Dealer License
  • Weights and Measures

The list goes on, but the point is: know what business licenses you will be required to have for the type of business you want to form. Apply for the business licenses and get approved before you start operations.

Why You Need an Agricultural Permit

There’s a reason we have rules, regulations, licenses, and permits: they provide consistency in what businesses like yours deliver. For example, if you cure bacon, your customers want to be assured that you’ve followed federal guidelines to ensure that the food is safe and sanitary. Wouldn’t you want the same as a customer?

Many vendors and business partners won’t even work with you if you don’t have the appropriate agricultural license, and without one, you may be fined by your local business licensing agency. Your best bet is to explore this section to determine which agricultural licenses you need to start your business, then find out from the Department of Agriculture what you need to do to apply for the agricultural permits in your area.

Use this agricultural business guide to find out what you need to know about applying for agricultural licenses and permits before you start running your business.