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Many licenses fall into primary categories like Health, Environmental, Business, Building, or Agriculture. However some business licenses are unique and require special consideration. They may not fit nicely into one of these categories, or they may overlap several of them.

Who Needs Other Licenses

Here are a few of the types of business licenses, permits & tax entities that fall into the “Other” category:

  • Gaming/Gambling License
  • Repossession Agency License
  • Transportation License
  • Workers Protection Registration

The Importance of Getting ALL Necessary Licenses

You’ve read up on the specific type of business license you need to start a business. You’ve filled out the paperwork and paid the fee. It’s even approved and in your hands, so you open your doors. What’s the problem?

You may not have all your licenses.

It’s important for you to understand as a business owner that some types of businesses require multiple types of business licenses. For example, if you plan to open a casino, naturally you need a gaming/gambling license. But you may also need a food/beverage license if you plan to offer a restaurant or just sell drinks. And if you sell drinks you need an alcohol license.

What about a gift shop? If you plan to sell items at your casino, you’ll need your sales tax registration. You need to ensure your building is properly zoned, so you’ll need a zoning permit too. And if you plan to make any changes to the building itself, there are a whole host of building licenses you will need.

As you can see, it’s not always as simple as applying for a single business license!