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If you are a fire systems contractor, you likely do one or more of the following in your work:

  • Install, modify or alter fire protection systems
  • Sell or design sprinkler systems
  • Inspect fire systems

If one or more of these bullets accurately describes the work you do, you need a fire systems contractor license before you can start a business for these services. You may not, however, need this business license if you are a subcontractor working for a licensed fire contractor.

Your city’s business licenses, permits & tax division may have more than one license for you to apply for, depending on the type of work you plan to do and its requirements for licensed fire systems contractors. Some cities break down their fire systems contractor licenses into specific tasks performed, like hood extinguishing system installations and servicing, fire alarm system installations, hazard system installations and servicing, or portable fire extinguisher work.

If you plan to offer more than one of these types of fire systems services, check to see if you need multiple licenses.

Going Back to School for Fire Safety

Additionally, you may need to pass one or more exams to receive your fire systems contractor license. Cities offer tests on a variety of fire safety and fire systems topics, such as:

  • Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation
  • Special Suppression System Design and Installation
  • Fire Alarm Design and Installation
  • Special Suppression System Design and Installation
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

Again, if you work in more than one of these areas, you may need to take multiple tests. See if your fire systems agency has study material you can use to help you prepare for the exams.

Find out how regularly you need to renew your fire systems license so that you’re always on top of it, and are never out of date with your license.