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If you work on renovating older homes, you may encounter lead-based paints on the job. Knowing what to do with them is key, as they can be harmful to you and the residents of the building. For a contractor just starting a business, it’s a good idea to get a lead contractor’s license before being exposed to this toxic substance.

Why You Need a Lead Contractor License

A few decades ago, local governments began passing laws to reduce the use of lead in paint. Part of those laws called for the certification of any contractors involved in inspecting lead-based paint, renovating older homes, or conducting risk assessments.

To get a health license allowing you to deal with lead paint, you must be properly trained first. There are accredited training programs that teach contractors like you to appropriately handle and dispose of lead waste. Find out from your state’s business license board what type of education is required to get your lead contractor license, and whether just you as the business owner need the license, or if all of your staff needs to also take the training.

What Type of Lead Contractor Business License Do You Need?

There are many roles that you might be involved in that would require this health license, and some states have separate license for each, including:

  • Deleading Contractor, Worker, or Supervisor
  • Lead-Safe Renovation Contractor
  • Lead Training Provider

If you manage a team of contractors or subcontractors, make sure you have the appropriate business licenses, permits & tax forms for each and every employee or subcontractor before you start on a project, otherwise you risk being noncompliant and being fined.