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  • Is your organization designed for educational or charitable reasons?
  • Do owners and/or shareholders plan to benefit financially from the business?
  • Will the main purpose of your business be to own real estate investments?
  • How many owners will your company have?
  • Will any owners of your company be non-U.S. citizens or residents?
  • Will any owners of your company be Corporations, LLCs, or Trusts?
  • Will any owners or shareholders be employees of the company (and receive payroll benefits)?
  • Do you want to minimize your record keeping and administrative requirements?
  • Are you participating in an industry that is vulnerable to lawsuits?
  • Do you want to protect your personal assets (i.e. home, car, savings) from lawsuits and judgments against your business?
  • Do you need a state license? (i.e. doctor, lawyer, accountant)
  • Will your business sell products or provide services to the public (B2C or B2B)?
  • Will your business invite customers or clients into your home, office, or store?
  • Will your business hire employees or contractors?
  • When it comes to funding your business, do you plan on seeking a loan from a bank, SBA, or other commercial lender?
  • Do you plan on pursuing Venture Capital (VC) funding for your business?
  • Do you anticipate that your business will be profitable and do you want to distribute the profits among the owners?
  • Do you plan on investing any business profits back into the business?
  • Do any of the business owners have high personal income and may be at risk for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)?
  • Do you want pass-through taxation, where business profits/losses are reported on the owner's personal tax returns?
  • Do you want to reduce self-employment taxes?
  • Do you want your tax year end-date to be on another date than December 31?
  • Do you plan to offer company-paid medical insurance?
  • Do you plan to offer flexible spending accounts as an employee benefit?
  • As a long-term goal, do you hope to sell your business for a profit?
  • Do you plan to take your company public?
  • Do you want your business to continue even if something should happen to you or another owner?
  • Do you want to keep your business within your family?
  • Based on the answers you have provided,'s Incorporate Wizard cannot determine the best legal entity for your business.
    Please select the business entity type and state to start your business.
    According to your answers, the LLC may be the best legal entity for your business.
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    Please note:'s Incorporation Wizard should be used as a general guideline and does not replace the advice of an attorney, accountant, or tax advisor who is familiar with your specific needs.

What you need to know:
A nonprofit organization is generally established to perform a function or service and typically benefits a broad community of people. However, just because your organization is focused on charitable or educational purposes doesn't automatically qualify it for nonprofit status; you'll need to also factor in the profit motive in the next question.

CorpNet’s Business Structure Wizard:

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