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Nellie Akalp
CEO - CorpNet
Allison Bethurem
PR / Marketing Manager

Legal and Entrepreneurial Advice with Nellie Akalp of

Nellie Akalp is a mother of four children, an entrepreneur, legal expert, and founder of

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Secret Academy Episode – Nellie Akalp

Why the infrastructure of your business matters. How she built and sold for over $20 million.

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An Interview with Nellie Akalp

33voices interviews Nellie Akalp, CEO of

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Taking Chances as an Entrepreneur with Nellie Akalp

Episode 125 Taking Chances as an Entrepreneur with Nellie Akalp

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Solving a Pain and Turning a $100 Investment Into $20,000,000

Being a mother of four is already a great feat. Being a mother of four AND managing a...

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Top 5 Legal Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

When it comes to incorporating a business, entrepreneurs have many questions they may need help with, but can't afford to bring...

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How Sets Itself Apart

The Legal Broadcast Network spoke with the CEO of, an online legal document filing service that helps attorneys and...

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Getting Legal - Incorporate for More Sales

Getting your business legal! When starting a business, it’s important to have all of your legal ducks in a row. What’s the number one thing...

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Starting or Expanding a Business

The final days of 2011 are approaching and with the end of the year comes thoughts of holiday gatherings and shopping trips.

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CorpNet Nellie - Business Incorporation

Nellie Akalp is CEO of, her second incorporation filing service based on her strong passion to assist small business owners and...

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