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Nellie Akalp
CEO - CorpNet
Allison Bethurem
PR / Marketing Manager

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Is the Wrong Company Structure Hurting you at Tax Time?

In the course of running your own business, there are countless decisions to make on a...

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Are You Putting Your Company’s Good Standing at Risk?

Once your business is launched and in full swing, things move at a break-neck pace.

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10 Tax Write-Offs You Aren’t Using to Your Advantage

You already know that you’re legally obligated to pay your taxes, but that doesn’t mean you...

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Grow Your Business by Learning How to Say ‘No’

It’s a simple word, but one that far too many of us have trouble saying: no. Perhaps it is...

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Do You Need an NDA When Hiring Contractors?

If you’re like most businesses, you have information that could hurt your venture if it got into someone else’s hands.

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Where’s the Best Place to Launch a Startup?

SaaS and app startups can literally be anywhere in the world. With the cloud, both sales and support functions are virtual...

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What Every Small Business Owner Should Know about Incorporation

More and more women are coming into their own as business owners today. In fact, an American Express OPEN State of...

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The Recipe for a Successful Blogging Business

You’ve logged long hours behind the glare of your laptop display, battled writer’s block valiantly, and tried your best not to get...

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What You Need to Know About Incorporating your Business

Guest post by Nellie Akalp, CEO of, an incorporation filing service company. Nellie is a strong advocate in educating small...

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What's In A Name? How To Pick & Protect The Right Business Name

Is there anything more important to your business than its name? It’s the cornerstone of your company identity. Imagine Target’s...

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Which Business Structure is Right for You?

The Sole Proprietorship is the simplest form of business entity. However, without the protection of a corporate shield, personal...

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Incorporate Your Business

Many small businesses consider themselves too small to worry about incorporation. However, whether you’re a self-employed social media...

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Avoid the Top 4 Mistakes Startups Mae When Incorporating

During the initial months of the year, savvy entrepreneurs rush to incorporate their businesses. And with good reason, a corp...

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Top 5 tips for women entrepreneurs

Will 2011 be the year you begin your business? With a new year upon us, it’s a perfect opportunity to focus on your goals and turn...

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Legal Tips For Every Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you’ve clearly got a ton of drive, passion, and determination. You’re committed to your business and your customers.

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Starting a Business in a Down Economy: An Opportunity in Disguise?

The economy dominates conversations in coffee shops, around dinner tables, in newspapers, political speeches… Sure, Wall St. has been...

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