One of the things that I’m most proud of in running CorpNet is how long our staff has been with us. Many were there at the start. Our turnover is incredibly low. Clearly, we’re doing something right to keep our employees happy! Here are a few of the ways we do that.

1. Make the Job Fit the Person

Sure, when we first post a job description, we are looking for a specific set of skills in our next hire. But as we get to know each individual, their strengths begin to shine. We look for ways to enhance what they’re already passionate about. So if Katie in our Sales department is also adept at managing social media, we’re happy for her to take that over.

We want our staff to love what they do, as well as to be able to take on more of what they really enjoy doing. We don’t let those initial job descriptions limit them.

2. Implement Their Ideas

Around the office, our team knows if they have an idea on how we can run CorpNet smarter, they can bring it to me or Phil. And we don’t just smile blankly and say, “Uh huh. Great idea. We’ll take it into consideration.”

We actually use our employees’ ideas for improving productivity, marketing better, and overall being a smarter company. They appreciate being a part of the brains behind the company.

3. Check in With Them

I’ve said it many times: the CorpNet team is family. I know about their spouses, their kids, their high points, and even their low points. I stay connected to them. It’s important for me to know that, as an example, an employee’s grandmother is really sick. I can loosen the reins on expectations rather than just getting upset that he’s not being his usual productive self and me not knowing why.

4. Treat Them Well

If you want your employees to stick around, make them want to. That means paying them competitively, offering regular raises, and giving bonuses if you can afford it. But treating them well isn’t just financial; close down the office at noon one Friday and go have a drink together. Take one employee who’s gone above and beyond out to lunch. Buy a nice coffee maker. It can be small gestures that make a difference and make staff want to stick around.

5. Offer Employee Stock

One strategy we’ve found successful at improving turnover rates is to offer key employees stock. Not only does this give them a reason to stay at your company, but it also shows them how much you value them.

There are a million ways you can make your staff feel valued and encourage them to stay with you for years. Just pay attention to them and show them appreciation for a job well done!