LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC Operating Agreement is not required as a prerequisite in forming the Limited Liability Company, but it is required to be kept at your place of business for maintaining compliance with the company’s corporate formalities.

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An LLC Operating Agreement is a document that states the rights and obligations of the members as well as the distribution of income of the Limited Liability Company (LLC).

If you’re not the only shareholder of your business, all members must sign the operating agreement in order for it to be effective and valid. If there is more than one member, you’ll need to define how key business decisions will be made, how profits and losses will be distributed, and what happens when someone wants to exit the business.

What you include in your agreement will vary depending on your business, but LLC Operating Agreements may include:

  • Members’ Percentages of Ownership
  • How Profits and Losses Will be Distributed
  • Voting Rights
  • How the LLC Can be Dissolved

All members must sign the document in order for it to be effective and valid.

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