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What is the CorpNet Partner Program?2021-09-08T07:50:41-07:00

The CorpNet Partner Program makes the Incorporation, LLC filing, and annual corporate compliance filing process simple for Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPA’s, QB Pro-advisers, Enrolled Agents, Lawyers, Business and Tax Professionals in all 50 states! Now YOU can start offering your clients:

  • Incorporation & LLC Filings
  • Business Licenses & Permits
  • Registered Agent Services
  • Annual Filings & Compliance Services…. In ANY State!

You can partner with us and get wholesale discounted pricing as a white label Reseller or become a Referral partner and refer your clients over to us and receive up to a 30% referral fee on each sale.

What type of services will I be able to offer my clients by partnering with CorpNet?2021-09-08T07:39:59-07:00

Services you can offer your clients as a CorpNet Partner Include:

  • Incorporation & LLC Filings
  • Business Licenses & Permit
  • DBAs/Fictitious Business Names
  • Foreign Qualification Filings
  • Initial/Annual Report Filings
  • Amendments, Modifications & Name Changes
  • Name Checks & Reservations
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • Dissolutions & Withdrawals
  • Conversions & Reinstatements
  • IRS Forms & Filings (Tax ID Form SS-4)
  • S Corp Tax Elections (Form 2553)
  • Sales Tax Registrations & SUI Filings
  • Registered Agent Services
  • Corporate Kits & Supplies
  • Bylaws, Annual Meeting Minutes & Resolutions
  • Annual Filings & Compliance Services…in ANY State!
What is the CorpNet Reseller Program?2021-09-08T07:50:31-07:00

As a trusted advisor, you are in a unique position to add tremendous value to every client relationship. As a CorpNet reseller program partner, you can offer incorporation, LLC filings, and corporate compliance services to all your business clients in all 50 states. You provide the tax advice, and CorpNet will prepare and file all the paperwork as per your preferences and specific instructions. CorpNet will ensure your success by offering you private label services, a dedicated account manager, and fast, reliable, accurate and personalized services. CorpNet is your silent fulfillment partner and will NEVER ever contact your clients. Your Clients, Your Brand, while we do all the work!

What is the CorpNet Referral Program?2021-09-08T07:46:09-07:00

As a referral program partner, now you can refer your clients to a trusted resource for incorporation, LLC filings, registered agent services, and annual corporate compliance and monitoring in any state. You refer the client and we’ll do all the work and send you a check. Or, you can waive the commissions and “pass the savings” as a discount directly to your client. You are assigned a dedicated account manager who is available to you 24/7 and will treat your clients with white glove treatment and they are guided back to you with fast, reliable, accurate and personalized service.

Can anyone join the Corpnet Partner Program?2021-09-08T07:34:59-07:00

The CorpNet partner program is open to anyone to join including Accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, legal and tax professionals, business coaches, and anyone representing a client in need of business formation filings and compliance services in any of the 50 states!

Is there a Fee to join CorpNet’s Partner Program?2021-09-08T07:37:36-07:00

There is absolutely no fee required to join the program. There are no set up fees or yearly fees to become either a CorpNet Reseller or a Referral Program partner. Sign up is free and the program is here for you to utilize as you need it for your clients.

Are we eligible to receive discounted pricing as a CorpNet Partner Program partner?2020-09-10T06:13:32-07:00

Anyone who joins the program as a Reseller is eligible to purchase our services at wholesale discounted prices starting at a discounted rate of 20% and up to 30% depending on volume or receive a referral fee of 20% and up to 30% as a Referral partner. As a referral partner, you also have the option to pass the discount onto your clients should you choose to not receive a referral fee.

How can I find out about your rates?2020-08-17T09:32:17-07:00

All service fees for all products and services published on the CorpNet.com website is at retail rates. Wholesale rates can be sent to you upon sign up into the program and once you have been on-boarded.

How is wholesale pricing determined?2020-09-10T06:12:54-07:00

Wholesale pricing is determined by the level of volume of filing requests you are going to be sending to CorpNet to fulfill on your behalf. As a new white label Reseller partner, wholesale pricing starts at 20% and can go up to 30% depending on the amount of volume you send over to CorpNet. Wholesale pricing is available to anyone who joins the CorpNet Partner Program as a white label Reseller.

What is the fee for your CorpNet Reseller program?2021-09-08T07:38:22-07:00

There is no fee to join the CorpNet partner program as a Reseller. As a reseller, you can receive wholesale pricing for all CorpNet products and services up to 30% off retail prices published on our website. You can also request to take all CorpNet branding off all documentation forwarded to you and have everything white labeled for you so that you can put your own logo and branding when you forward to your clients. Simply stated, the CorpNet partner reseller program is designed to allow you to offer incorporation, LLC filings, and annual corporate compliance and monitoring services to your clients under your own name brand while you purchase the services from CorpNet at wholesale pricing and have us do all the fulfillment and back end work for you.

Can I be both an affiliate and a partner?2021-09-08T07:35:34-07:00

No. You can only participate in one program at a time. You must decide to join either the affiliate program or the partner program.

Can one join the program by becoming both a reseller and a referral partner?2020-04-03T10:59:44-07:00

The program is super flexible and has been designed to meet your needs representing clients in the most fluid way that will enhance your advisory services; you can join the program both as a reseller and as a referral partner and use either program as it suits your needs to help your clients.

Are there any requirements to maintain a certain level of sales volume per month to be eligible into the program?2020-04-03T10:59:50-07:00

No, there is no minimum requirements whatsoever to join. The program is designed to meet your needs as your clients require the business incorporation, LLC filings and corporate compliance services.

As a CorpNet Reseller, does Corpnet ever contact my clients?2020-04-03T10:59:56-07:00

CorpNet will ensure your success by offering you private label services, a dedicated account manager, and fast, reliable, accurate and personalized services. CorpNet is your silent fulfillment partner and will NEVER ever contact your clients. Your Clients, Your Brand, while we do all the work!

As a Referral Program Partner, does the client work directly with you? And if so can I still be in the loop?2021-09-08T07:45:38-07:00

As a Referral Program partner, you refer your clients to us and we are in direct contact with your clients providing them with unsurpassed customer service. We can always copy you on all communication with your clients and keep you fully appraised every step of the filing process and copy you on all correspondence.

As a CorpNet Reseller, am I allowed to charge my clients whatever I want in reselling your services?2021-09-08T07:40:09-07:00

Yes, you are allowed to charge your clients whatever fees you see fit for any services that you purchase from CorpNet regardless of how much you pay to corpnet as a wholesaler.

Do you have errors and omissions insurance?2021-09-08T07:51:27-07:00

CorpNet maintains the highest levels of errors and omissions insurance. Our team prides itself on continuously providing our clients with clear, transparent, open and accurate information when it comes to the business formation filings and compliance process.

Is the team at CorpNet attorneys?2021-09-08T07:50:48-07:00

CorpNet is a document filing services and does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice. The company was founded was an attorney husband and wife team who’ve been coined as the pioneers of the document filing industry having been in the industry for over 25 years. Although the company does not offer legal advisory services, we work with a team of attorneys, in every state, who routinely review all of our forms and filings for clarity, transparency and accuracy in all 50 states.

As a CPA or financial advisor, wouldn’t it be the practice of law to offer and advise clients on business incorporation and compliance filing services?2020-04-03T11:00:28-07:00

It is NOT considered the practice of law to advise your clients on which entity to structure their businesses under for the best tax implications; in fact, an Accountant, CPA, or financial advisor is in the best position to advise their client as to which entity structure their client should form or in which state to form it within that will give them the best tax consequences.

I normally recommend my clients to use an attorney when it comes to the business incorporation and compliance process, how does CorpNet differ and simplify the process for my clients?2021-09-08T07:45:47-07:00

Lawyers are not required to file these documents, and in many situations not necessary, so your clients will greatly appreciate you saving them a significant amount of time and money by recommending them to use our services instead. We can get it done quicker because we’re the experts; it will be a seamless process which will save your clients tons of money in attorney’s fees and lots of time because we do it much faster than any attorney’s office; that’s why attorneys use us for all their own business filings!!!!

Why would we need to use your services when I/my clients can just do it themselves through the Secretary of States website?2020-04-03T11:00:41-07:00

Yes, you certainly can do it on your own! However, you also run a very likely risk of your filings getting rejected for inaccurate information. For example, the filing may be rejected if your client fails to check the name before submitting the filing to the state, which will add unnecessary fees and time. Instead, we can take care of everything for you to make sure it’s done right the first time.

I already use one of your competitors; how do you differ?2021-09-08T07:39:30-07:00

There are a lot of places out there that are similar to us – however we are #1 in Customer Service: when you need help you’ll never get an automated recording because you’ll have a dedicated account representative that you’ll be able to reach anytime through email, text, phone, whatever you like, who will walk you through the entire process and make sure everything is done right and done fast. We are highly personable, and needs based with incredibly competitive pricing and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

I don’t have enough clients who need this service, how can you help me?2021-09-08T07:39:40-07:00

Guess what? This is your ticket to attract more clients! By offering business incorporation and compliance services in all 50 states and adding this service to your suite of services, you can start attracting more clients, engaging with your clients earlier on during the startup process and 10X your revenues! There is no fee to join our partner program – no initiation fees or membership fees, so whenever the time occurs when you do happen to have a client who’s looking to set up an LLC or a corporation, you can refer them to us, and then we will do all the work with your client and send you a referral fee! Or, if you’d prefer to offer this service to your clients personally whenever you do have one interested, you can work with us directly as your silent /backend fulfilment partner and we will charge you wholesale fees up to 30% and then you can charge your clients whatever you want.

I rather not deal with this service in house, I just tell them to look online.2020-04-03T11:01:05-07:00

If you don’t want to get involved personally in your clients’ business filings, you can refer them to us instead and earn a referral fee. Your clients will benefit by having a trusted incorporation resource who will provide them with fast personalized service; they’ll have a dedicated account representative who can help them every step of the way and they’ll save a lot of money. You’ll benefit by enhancing your trusted advisory services as well as receiving a referral fee and your clients will be grateful for you recommending such a cost effective, fast and helpful option to them.

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to answer any questions and help you with a successful start as a CorpNet Partner!

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