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Start a Business

If you are ready to incorporate a business, form an LLC (Limited Liability Company), or File a DBA (“Doing Business As” / Sole Proprietor), Corpnet offers a fast, reliable, and guaranteed way to complete all of the business filings needed to start your business online today!

Download "Starting a Business-The Best Guide Ever" by CorpNet and answer your questions about:

  • Business Structures like the LLC (Limited Liability Company), the S Corporation, and more
  • Protecting your business trademarks, copyrights, and patents
  • Running your business under multiple names or in multiple states
  • Corporate Compliance and Annual Report Requirements
  • ….and more


Incorporating a business can be fast, simple, and affordable. Learn about the benefits of incorporation, the different corporation business structures like the C Corporation, the S Corporation, and more.

Learn everything about incorporating a business in our comprehensive “Incorporate” section.

Form an LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal business structure that is similar to both the corporation and the sole proprietor or partnership. The LLC is a very popular form of business structure as it offers the same or similar level of asset protection as a corporation while requiring only minimal formalities be observed (similar to a sole proprietor or partnership).

Learn more about the benefits of the LLC, Business Structures, and Where to Form an LLC in our Form an LLC Section.

File a DBA (Sole Proprietorship)

DBA stands for “Doing Business As.” By filing a DBA in the appropriate jurisdiction, a small business can operate under a fictitious name. In other words, this DBA filing allows the business to operate under a name that is different from its owner.

View Pricing and Processing time required to Start a Sole Proprietor / “File a DBA” in your state and county.

Business Structure

Selecting a business structure is a critical part of the business startup process. The structure you select will most likely have a significant impact on your personal liability as well as your tax liability.

Try the Corpnet Business Structure Wizard ™ - Designed by Business and Tax attorneys to help small business owners Choose Business Type.

Starting a Business Checklist

The Corpnet “Starting a Business” Checklist is a Free Guide, written by attorney and entrepreneurs, that is packed with information about naming your business, Selecting a business structure, Obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number and more.

Download your free copy of the “Starting a Business” Checklist today.

Business Licenses, Permits & Tax

In many cases, a business license is not required to conduct business in the United States. Depending on your industry and jurisdiction, however, business license requirements vary.

Learn more about business licenses, obtaining a Federal Tax ID Number, and Registering with appropriate State Revenue Department in our Business Licenses section