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//Ongoing Management and Protection

Crisis Management

CorpNet’s blog posts offer a wealth of information for navigating through the ongoing management and protection of startup and business operations. Our articles are written by industry experts who have the experience to help you avoid common and unnecessary mistakes.

How To Safely Reopen Your Small Business to the Public

As the country makes plans to reopen restaurants, retail, public buildings, and schools, your topmost concern should be the safety and well-being of workers and customers alike. Your reopened business will be scrutinized and the measures you take to reopen safely will go a long way in how your clients and customers feel about supporting your company post-pandemic. The risks are still real so it’s important to be scrupulous in formulating your reopening plan and how you execute it.

Below are a few tips and suggestions to help you safely reopen your small […]

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Time for a Change? The What and How of Business Entity Conversion

The one constant is change. Forgive the cliché, but I think it’s an appropriate introduction as I address the topic of business entity conversions.

Your clients’ businesses evolve over time — and the business environment in which they operate changes as well, especially at a time like this when the COVID-19 pandemic is having such a far-reaching impact on businesses of all kinds. As a result, the business structure they chose as a startup may no longer be the most advantageous one for their current situation. What happens at that crossroads? It might […]

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How to Move A Business To Another State

When you move from one house to another, you likely have a checklist of things you need to take care of in the process…changing your mailing address, calling your cable TV provider, contacting your internet company. But when moving your business to another state, many business owners don’t know where to begin.

There are many reasons to consider moving your business to another state. For example:

  • Your target market has changed—economically and/or demographically.
  • The cost of real estate (including property taxes) has risen so much your business is at risk of going under.
  • […]

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What Does It Mean to Have Multiple Trademark Owners?

One of the many risks business owners face is one that rarely comes to mind—but could put your business in a dangerous position. We’re talking about trademark protection for your intellectual property. A trademark is a word, phrase, name, or symbol that identifies the source of a product or service and distinguishes it from competitors. You can trademark your company name, product names, logos, and taglines.

Running a Business Without Trademark Protection

Without the protection of a federally registered trademark:

  • Your company or product name could be stolen. Without trademark ownership, it’s easier for […]
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What to Know About Business Entities and How You Can Save on Taxes Next Year

Businesses of all sizes and industries have been put through the proverbial ringer in 2020. No one could have foreseen the toll the coronavirus would take on entrepreneurs from independent contractors to C corporations and everyone in between. One positive thing, however, is the tax deadline has been pushed to July 15, 2020. That means there’s still time to learn about the tax issues based on your business entity and take advantage of some tax savings on your 2021 return, no matter what your legal structure.

Sole Proprietorship

In a sole proprietorship, there is […]

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Help Your Clients Stay Compliant in a World of Information Overload

Your business clients are dealing with a barrage of information as the coronavirus pandemic evolves. The deluge of new requirements, rules, and recommendations related to COVID-19 has become overwhelming for many entrepreneurs. As a result, some of them may have temporarily lost sight of their ongoing business compliance filings.

They need your help!

Fortunately, many state governments have deemed professional services providers in the financial and legal industries as essential. Even if your business is under stay-at-home orders, you have ways to serve your clients remotely by embracing technology tools, like video conferencing. This […]

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When It Comes to the CARES Act Funding Relief

With tons of misinformation swirling out there, you may be afraid of making a crucial mistake when it comes to applying for and receiving CARES Act relief funding. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid.

Application Mistakes

1. Not Being Prepared

Any delay in your application could mean your business gets bumped to the bottom of the list. Have on hand:

  • Basic business and contact information
  • Average monthly payroll costs including employee salaries, wages, and commissions; payment of cash tips; payment of vacation; parental, family, medical or sick leave, insurance premiums, etc.
  • 2019 Tax Forms (all […]
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The Small Business Mid-Year Checklist

How are we nearing mid-year already? If you’re like me, the current business climate has been a whirlwind of trying to keep up on new information, planning for post COVID-19 recovery, and still maintaining running our business operations. Now that we’re approaching the mid-way point of 2020, we think it’s a good time to remind you there are some deadlines you need to keep an eye on and important decisions yet to make.

Business Taxes

The tax deadline has been pushed to July 15, 2020 which gives individual and business taxpayers more time to […]

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9 Tax Benefits in the CARES Act

There are more advantages to the CARES Act than just relief funding that can help your small business save money and those come in the form of tax breaks. Although most of the breaks are temporary, it’s important to take advantage of all that’s being offered to business owners now, so your company has the best chance of coming out of the pandemic healthy and if not profitable, at least in recovery mode.

Here are nine tax breaks and benefits you and your employees can take advantage of today.

Tax Benefits For Your Business

1. […]

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Texas Annual Reports and Franchise Tax Information

Does your business have to file a Texas annual report and pay franchise tax? Report filing requirements in Texas vary according to the type of business entity, so the answer to that question is, “It depends.”

In this article, I’ll list the different annual reports that businesses may need to submit to the Texas Comptroller’s office by the May 15 deadline of each year. I’ll also cover the basics of the Texas franchise tax, which must also be reported and filed by May 15.

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Texas has […]

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