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A free guide to filing a “Doing Business As” statement and operating under a Fictitious Business Name.

Our Free DBA Guide is written by Business Attorneys at CorpNet, and answers common questions for businesses considering a special name outside of their legal name, including:

  • Benefits of Filing a DBA or Fictitious Business Name
  • Choosing a Name for Your DBA or Fictitious Business Name
  • DBA Filing Requirements
  • When and Where to File Your DBA

What is a DBA?

DBA stands for “Doing Business As.” A DBA is a name that’s different from the legal name of the company. It is a name the business wants to use when marketing itself to the public and dealing with customers. A sole proprietor, LLC, or corporation is said to be “doing business as” whatever fictitious name it has filed.

You may have heard DBA referred to in a variety of ways. Some other names for DBA include:

  • Fictitious business name
  • Assumed business name
  • Trade name

A DBA lets the public know the true owner of a business. The DBA or fictitious business name designation was created as a form of consumer protection, to prevent unscrupulous business owners from operating under a different name to avoid legal trouble. When a business files a DBA with its county or state, it must typically submit a notice to the local newspaper so that the community can see who is behind the business.

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