Register for Sales & Use Tax (Seller’s Permit)

Our specialists manage the process of sales and use tax registration so that virtually no work is required on your part. We will complete the state filings so you can worry about running and growing your business. CorpNet offers sales and use tax registration across the United States for only $199* per application. There’s no reason to wait. Simply contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

*Additional state and/or governmental fees may apply in certain states and will be quoted to you upon order confirmation.

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Registering for sales and use tax is a requirement for both for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. Local governments will provide penalties for companies that fail to comply with the proper collection, reporting, and payment of sales and use tax.

In areas where sales and use tax apply, a seller must obtain a Sales Tax ID Number (or Seller’s Permit). This is done via an application to the Department of Revenue after a business has registered their business and obtained an EIN number.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is a tax on the sale, transfer, or exchange of product or service that is taxable. Sales tax is often referred to as a retail tax because it is generally added to the sales price of the product or service and collected at the time of purchase. Sales tax is a consumer based tax that is transactional.

Sales tax is imposed by most states and about 11,000 local jurisdictions that include counties, municipalities, and other local governmental bodies. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia collect some form of sales taxes. The five states that do not collect sales tax include Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

Sellers (businesses) are required to calculate and collect sales tax at the time of purchase. This sales tax must then be held until the seller can file a return and remit it to the proper tax authorities. This is typically done on a monthly basis. While the process of collecting sales tax, reporting, and remitting sales tax to local governments is inconvenient for businesses, it’s a crime for failing to do so properly. Businesses that fail to remit the proper sales tax may face criminal charges in addition to financial penalties and interest charges.

Use Tax

Use tax a tax on the storage, use, or consumption of a taxable product or service on which no sales tax has been paid. This is generally made when the purchase is made outside the taxing jurisdiction. Use tax is broken down into two groups which include consumer use tax and seller use tax. To make things a bit complicated, seller use tax is also referred to as retailer use tax, vendor use tax, or merchant use tax.

CorpNet Can Help You Register for Sales & Use Tax

We’ll explain what your state or local government requires and we’ll file all of the proper paperwork for you. This allows you to refocus on starting and growing your business. The service costs only $199 and it saves you hours and hours of research and paperwork.

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