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Affiliate Tools

Download the ShareaSale Bookmarklet

Grab links on the fly while you’re browsing the web.

ShareaSale Custom Link Tool

Choose from any Merchant and enter a specific url to create a custom short link.

ShareaSale Make-a-Page

Create customized product galleries for your website.

Affiliate Banners

CorpNet offers a number of banner designs and sizes that can be downloaded within your ShareaSale account.

How to Maximize Your Recurring Revenue

Focus on your specific audience and think though the compliance requirements they are currently missing

  • Who do you serve?
  • What compliance requirements do they need to manage?
  • What areas are probably missed?

Provide high-quality content to educate your audience about ongoing compliance requirements

  • Use third-party tools to help brainstorm content ideas
  • Use CorpNet’s free tools and resources to help your audience
  • Set up an editorial calendar so you publish the right compliance information at the right time

Show them how easy it is to stay in compliance with CorpNet’s BIZ software

Tips and Tricks for Finding Blogging Topics

Education is a great way to give back to your customers, while also promoting services and earning revenue. Here are some of our favorite resources for finding new topics to write about.

Answer The Public

  • Tons of ideas generated
  • Get questions, comparisons, etc.
  • See data visually
  • Export data options to Excel

Visit the website.


  • Browse topics and categories
  • View questions real people ask
  • Read expert responses
  • Discover answers and resources to use in a quote in your own blog posts

Visit the website.

KW Finder

  • Up to 700 keyword ideas per word entered
  • See questions and Google suggestions
  • See who already ranks and why
  • Export data options to Excel

Visit the website.

Great Blog Post Topics to Get You Started

  • What is a registered agent?
  • What does an LLC mean?
  • How does an LLC work?
  • Which is better an LLC or an S Corp?
  • How much does LLC cost in Texas?
  • How many LLC can I have?
  • Where should I file an LLC?
  • When do LLC file taxes?
  • How much is LLC insurance do I need?
  • How do LLC taxes work?
  • How many investors can an LLC have?
  • Which LLC is right for me?
  • How is an LLC taxed?
  • When are LLC returns due?
  • How many shareholders can an LLC have?
  • Which is better LLC or sole proprietorship?
  • How much tax do LLCs pay?
  • Where is an LLC domiciled?
  • How does an LLC pay its owners?
  • How much is an LLC in California?
  • How does an LLC protect personal assets?
  • What happens if an LLC member dies?

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