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Browse our growth and expansion articles and blog posts to learn more about growing your start-up into a healthy and profitable business. We cover a host of topics from sales and marketing to HR and staffing.

Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Before the pandemic (and all the havoc it created), small business owners were in an ongoing pursuit of sourcing the best workers for their company. Deciding between independent contractors and employees was a frequent question and this debate grew as some states considered enacting laws like California’s 2020 AB5 law. In 2021 “The Great Resignation” arrived and millions of employees have since quit their jobs in pursuit of more flexibility and happiness. This mass exodus has intensified the employee vs. independent contractor debate. With businesses settling into the “new normal” of hiring, […]

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How to Change from a Sole Proprietor to an LLC

It’s estimated that over 70% of U.S. businesses operate as sole proprietors. That’s not surprising, considering that doing so requires no formal business registration forms, few compliance requirements, and income tax reporting simplicity. But as businesses grow and evolve, their owners may decide to change from a sole proprietorship to an LLC.

Many choose the limited liability company (LLC) structure because it offers nearly the same ease of administration as a sole proprietorship while providing some important advantages. In today’s post, we’ll review these advantages and walk through how to change from sole […]

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11 Strategies for Growing a Business in 2021

Uncertainty is not unfamiliar territory for business owners. However, this past year has brought a significant amount of it to entrepreneurs everywhere and in nearly all industries. Many companies are facing serious challenges. While survival may be their short-term goal, focusing on paths to growth can help position them for success long-term. Developing sound strategies for growing a business, executing those strategies, and streamlining processes are all part of the equation that makes a tremendous difference, whether in an environment of consistency vs. unpredictability and of abundance vs. scarcity.

Let’s take a look […]

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Best Business Books of 2020

Abraham Lincoln once said, “My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” While I cannot give you these books, I can tell you about them. My list of favorite 2020 business books will offer information or inspiration (or both) to help you start or grow smarter and faster.

Building for Everyone: Expand Your Market with Design Practices from Google’s Product Inclusion Team

The premise of this book, written by Annie Jean-Baptiste, the head of product inclusion at Google, is that it is […]

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5 Tips for Getting a Small Business Loan

Whether you’re looking for startup funding or money to take your business to new heights, you’ll need to explore your options for getting a small business loan at some point in the life of your small business.

Some entrepreneurs prefer to use funds from personal savings, family, friends, and even credit card advances. However, most small business owners would rather establish a good relationship with a lender and secure a small business loan to meet their financial needs.

Here are five tips to help you find a small business loan.

1. Know Your Credit Score

Before […]

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7 Ways Your Business Can Crush It During COVID-19

Every business owner hopes to reach the peak of business success. You know, when you’re just crushing it—when smooth operations and growing profits allow you to breathe a satisfied sigh of contentment and pride. This year that feeling may seem farther from your reach than ever. A slower economy and a world trapped in daily self-distance protocols may leave you feeling directionless and disconnected.

But, remember what Albert Einstein once said, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

Here are seven ways to ride out the pandemic and come out on top.

1. […]

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3 Ways to Grow Your Accounting Business Post Tax Season

Now that the delayed tax season is mostly over for accountants and other business professionals, the real work is just beginning! I am referring to showing your clients they still need you to help make their businesses a success.

Obviously, doing taxes is an important component of your services, but now is the time to show how you can provide so much more. Here are three things you can do post-tax season to bring value to your customers.

1. Become an Industry Expert

The more you know about the specific industries your small business clients […]

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Looking for the Silver Lining Under COVID-19

It is really a guessing game to predict when we’ll all be able to return to some sort of pre-pandemic normalcy, so it’s important to find the positives in our current situation. We’ve all heard it, right? When life gives you lemons, you need to turn it into lemonade and something positive.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to find the ingredients for whipping up that lemonade!

Phil and I have tried really hard to stay positive at home and at work. We’ve found a few core ingredients to help us stay focused on keeping our […]

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What is a Holding Company?

Many business owners operate multiple businesses and there’s a good reason for that: Once you have one business and business structure in place, it’s much easier to get a new business off the ground than if you had to start from scratch each time.

At some point in your entrepreneurial life you may come upon an idea or opportunity too good to pass up. But you have no intention to stop operating your current business. So, the question becomes how should you structure the new business—should it be a part of the original […]

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Outsourcing to Get Back to Business

Making plans to get your business back on track post-coronavirus pandemic? Here are five responsibilities you should consider outsourcing so you can devote more of your time and energy to the areas where you are most needed.

1. Website Updates and Maintenance

Your website is likely the most important marketing tool in your arsenal and yet it also probably gets neglected from time to time—especially in the aftermath of a crisis, such as a coronavirus. Unless you’re into coding and application updates, outsourcing IT tasks such as website fixes is a great place to […]

2020-06-15T10:44:38-07:00May 12th, 2020|Categories: Crisis Management, Growth and Expansion|
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