I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I’ve met that didn’t do the research before naming their business. You may think the name you’ve come up for in starting a new business is unique, but what happens if you find out someone else is already using it?

If the name is already in use, you’ll have to fight to dominate search results for that name. You may not be able to get the domain name or social media profile names you want. And you’ll risk customers getting confused and taking their business to the other location. You don’t want any of these struggles, do you?

Start By Doing Your Homework

You’d be amazed what a little research can do in this situation. A simple corporate name search can help you find out if anyone in your state who has filed a corporation or LLC is using that name.

Be Creative, But Not Overly Cute

You want your name to stand out, but not in an annoying way. Misspelled names or alliterations (think: Kathy’s Kupcakes) can sometimes come off as cutesy, so make sure that’s the vibe you’re going for with your company.

Make Sure Your Name Tells What You Do

When people hear your business name, they should be able to get at least a general sense of what you do. A name like ABC Solutions is pretty vague, and could apply to a variety of types of businesses. ABC Wireless Solutions, on the other hand, is a bit more specific and at least points people in the right direction.

Make it Easy to Say and Spell

Your business name should roll off people’s tongues, not trip them up. Spelling, too, should be simple, or people will have difficulty finding you online. It’s also wise to keep it fairly short. Imagine you have to answer the phone with your business name a million times a day. Do you really want to have to say, “Good morning! Auntie Emilia’s Cookies, Pies, and Cakes, LLC!”

Snag That Name Fast

Once you’ve found that your name is available through that name search, if you plan to incorporate or form an LLC but aren’t quite ready to do so, secure a business name reservation so no one else can take that name. This will prevent anyone else in the state you want to form your business entity to use it for their corporation or LLC name until you’re ready to file your business entity.

Get Your Doing Business As

If you don’t plan to file as a corporation or LLC, register that business name with a Doing Business As (DBA). This will protect your business name if you plan to operate as a sole proprietor.

You spent the time to come up with that perfect name, so take the next step and protect it from being used by any other business! Use our Free Corporate Name Search to make sure the name you want is available, then let us help you register your business name by filing a your DBA (Doing Business As or Fictitious Business Name Filing) in any state!