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Posted March 10, 2022
| Updated August 10, 2022

What is the Role of an LLC Organizer?

Starting a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be complex, entailing several legal, administrative, and organizational steps. Whether you’re starting the business on your own, with a partner, as part of a team, or converting your current business structure to an LLC, it’s vital that you strictly follow the guidelines established for LLCs in your home state. For that reason, some new business owners decide to hire a third party, such as a professional business formation company, for the role of an LLC organizer.

In simplest terms, the role of an LLC organizer is to prepare and file all the documentation required to form an LLC in a company’s home state. The organizer can be an individual within the company, such as the owner or partner, or an outside member, such as an attorney, or a professional business formation company, like CorpNet.

Read on to find out how choosing CorpNet as your LLC organizer can help you manage critical business processes.

What does the LLC organizer do?

Although the processes and fees vary by state, the role of the LLC organizer is to prepare and file the Articles of Organization and other entity formation documents necessary to form an LLC. Also called a Certificate of Organization, the document serves as the application for the LLC to legally do business in the state. Once the LLC is considered legal in the state, the company owners gain some liability protection over their personal assets in case of lawsuits and debt collectors.

The primary role is to gather the information needed to submit the Articles of Organization, either online, by mail, or in person. Typically, the information required includes:

  • The name of the LLC
  • Statement of Purpose—Many states do not require the purpose of the LLC to be that specific, enabling company owners to provide a general description that allows them to pursue various opportunities.
  • The physical address of the company’s principal place of business
  • Mailing address
  • Whether its members or managers will manage the LLC
  • Name and address of the LLC’s registered agent
  • Names of the LLC’s organizers (and managers if member-managed)
  • Effective date requested—Some states allow for a future effective date.
  • Duration of the LLC—By default, most states will consider an LLC to be perpetual (continuing indefinitely until formally dissolved) unless otherwise stated in its Articles of Organization.
  • Organizer’s signature

Once the organizer has gathered and prepared the documentation, the form is submitted, and the filing fee is paid to the Secretary of State of that state.

Who can be an LLC organizer?

Most states don’t restrict whom a business chooses to be its LLC organizer, as long as they’re adults (18 or older). The role can be filled by an in-house LLC member, attorney, family member, or other entity, such as a professional business formation company. But in fact, many business owners find it helpful to hire outside help so they can concentrate on the other critical steps required when launching a new company or managing an existing business.

Can an LLC member serve as the organizer for the company?

Yes, but that means they have to juggle their daily responsibilities of starting or running the company with the detailed tasks required of an LLC organizer.

What are some advantages of outsourcing this to a professional company?

While an LLC member can act as the LLC organizer, assigning them that task most often does not match their strengths. Taking care of company operations and administration are the primary job responsibilities LLC members should focus on. Outsourcing the role of the LLC organizer frees up LLC members to concentrate on essential duties, such as building or managing a staff, marketing the business, increasing sales, etc.

If the LLC is a new business, there are so many tasks that LLC members need to pay attention to; adding the responsibility of taking on this additional role doesn’t make good business sense.

Reducing the possibility of costly mistakes is another benefit of using a professional business formation firm, like CorpNet, in the role of LLC organizer. Because they are unfamiliar with the process, business owners often make errors when preparing and filing the proper LLC formation documentation. Professional organizers have years of experience and know what each state requires and how to make the process hassle- and stress-free.

Can CorpNet act as your professional business organizer?

We sure can! CorpNet has been trusted by thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs across the United States for business formation, registered agent services, and for helping maintain ongoing compliance. Using CorpNet is the smartest way to start a business and maintain compliance.

CorpNet prides itself on providing services that are:

  • Fast and easy
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Backed by a 100% guaranteed
  • And we have live experts at your service

The business formation experts at CorpNet can file all the paperwork to help you start a business today. Whether you decide to Form an LLC (Limited Liability Company), Corporation, Nonprofit Corporation, or simply File a DBA, our business filings experts can file your paperwork quickly and affordably.

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Ready to Create Your LLC?

We can help! From serving as your registered agent to filing your Articles of Organization, we make the process simple and ensure your paperwork is completed accurately and promptly.

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