Tax Registration Delivery Methods & Timelines

Please be advised that the state agencies can change the timeline and delivery methods at any time.

Regular Filings

StateWithholding Processing TimeWithholding Delivery MethodUnemployment Processing TimeUnemployment Delivery Method
Alabama3-5 Business DaysMailImmediateCorpNet Account
AlaskaN/AN/A30 Business DaysMail or Phone Call
ArizonaImmediateCorpNet Account20-30 Business DaysMail
Arkansas7-10 Business DaysMailImmediateCorpNet Account
California10-20 Business DaysState Online Portal10-20 Business DaysState Online Portal
ColoradoImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
ConnecticutImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
Washington DC10-15 Business DaysMailImmediateCorpNet Account
DelawareImmediateCorpNet Account10-15 Business DaysMail
FloridaN/AN/AImmediateCorpNet Account
Georgia ImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
HawaiiImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
Idaho30 Business DaysMail30 Business DaysMail
Illinois ImmediateCorpNet Account2-3 Business DaysEmail
Indiana1-5 Business DaysEmailImmediateCorpNet Account
IowaImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
Kansas7-10 Business DaysMailImmediateCorpNet Account
KentuckyImmediateCorpNet Account3-5 Business DaysMail
Lousiana ImmediateCorpNet Account3-5 Business DaysPhone Call
MassachusettsImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
Maryland7-14 Business DaysMailImmediateCorpNet Account
MaineImmediateCorpNet Account5-40 Business DaysState Online Portal
MichiganImmediateCorpNet Account7-10 Business DaysMail
Minnesota5-7 Business DayEmailImmediateCorpNet Account
Missouri10-12 Business DaysMailImmediateCorpNet Account
Mississippi10-15 Business DaysState Online Portal7-15 Business DaysMail
Montana10-14 Business DaysMail3-5 Business DaysEmail
North CarolinaImmediateCorpNet Account10 Business DaysMail
North Dakota5 Business DaysEmail7-10 Business DaysMail
NebraskaImmediateCorpNet Account10-20 Business DaysEmail
New HampshireN/AN/A7-10 Business DaysMail
New JerseyImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
New MexicoImmediateEmailImmediateCorpNet Account
New YorkImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
NevadaN/AN/AImmediateCorpNet Account
OhioImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediateCorpNet Account
Oklahoma5-10 Business DaysEmail10-15 Business DaysMail
Oregon20-30 Business DaysEmail20-30 Business DaysEmail
PennsylvaniaImmediateCorpNet AccountImmediate CorpNet Account
Rhode Island10-15 Business DaysMail 10-15 Business DaysMail
South Carolina5 Business DaysEmail and MailImmediateCorpNet Account
South DakotaN/AN/AImmediateCorpNet Account
TennesseeN/AN/A12 WeeksMail
TexasN/AN/AImmediateCorpNet Account
Utah20 Business DaysMailImmediateState Online Portal
Vermont10 Business DaysMail10 Business DaysMail
Virgina 10-12 Business DaysMail10-12 Business DaysMail
WashingtonN/AN/A40-55 Business DaysMail
West Virgina20-40 Business DaysMail20-40 Business DaysMail
Wisconsin2-3 Business DaysEmailImmediateCorpNet Account
WyomingN/AN/A20-30 Business DaysMail

Non-Profit Filings

For a handful of states, the non-profit timeline is extended. States with prolonged timelines can be found below.

StateWithholding Processing TimeWithholding Delivery MethodUnemployment Processing TimeUnemployment Delivery Method
Califoria60 Business DaysState Online Portal60 Business DaysState Online Portal
ColoradoImmediateCorpNet Account30 Business DaysMail
ConnecticutImmediateCorpNet Account10-14 Business DaysMail
Idaho30 Business DaysMail30 Business DaysMail
New YorkImmediateCorpNet Account2-14 Business DaysMail

Paper Filings

Paper files can be used as a back up to online filings when necessary.

StateWithholding Processing TimeWithholding Delivery MethodUnemployment Processing TimeUnemployment Delivery Method
AlabamaN/AN/A10-15 Business DaysEmail
ArkansasN/AN/A2-4 Business DaysMail
Colorado30 Business DaysMail30 Business DaysMail
FloridaN/AN/A7-10 Business DaysMail and Online Portal
Georgia N/AN/A10-15 Business DaysMail
Illinois 30-40 Business DaysEmail30-40 Business DaysEmail
Kansas10-15 Business DaysMail7-10 Business DaysMail
Kentucky7-10 Business DaysMailN/AN/A
Lousiana 20 Business DaysMailN/AN/A
Michigan20-30 Business DaysMail20-30 Business DaysMail
Missouri7-10 Business DaysEmailN/AN/A
Mississippi10-15 Business DaysMailN/AN/A
Montana7-10 Business DaysMailN/AN/A
Nebraska10-12 Business DaysMail7 Business DaysMail
South DakotaN/AN/A7 Business DaysMail
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