LightbulbThere’s always a good time for a fresh start. I’ll admit, sometimes my ideas for CorpNet get a little stale, so I have to look for inspiration to rejuvenate my brain. Here I share five places you, too, can be inspired with creative ingenuity for your brand.


It never fails: I’ll be thinking so hard, trying to come up with a genius idea in my office and getting nowhere. So I get up and take a walk around the building. Innovation strikes!

Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from the environment that’s stifling your creativity (namely, your office) and get some fresh air and fresh perspective.

Put it in Action: The next time you’re stumped, get up and outside. Heck, even try the treadmill! The point is to change your environment so you can change your thought patterns.

Weekend Getaway

Frankly, it shocks me that fewer than half of entrepreneurs take a vacation. I know there’s that sense of being needed in your business, but c’mon people! You need a break. And even if you’re digging your toes in the sand, far away from work, you might be surprised at how inspired you become with ideas for your business.

Put it in Action: Even if you’re convinced you can’t take two weeks off, find a way to get a break from your business, even if it’s just a day. Don’t check email or answer work calls; just be. See what ideas spring forth.

Your Employees

Look no further than the people you work with daily for a dose of creativity. My employees are my biggest inspiration and source of ideas for me. After all, great big companies are made because of its people.

Put it in Action: Get out of your own office and spend more time with your staff. See what ideas you can create together.

Your Customers

Who better to inspire you to make your business better than the people you’re creating solutions for? You can learn amazing things about your business, as well as get ideas for improvement, simply by talking to your customers.

Put it in Action: If you work retail, make a point to chat with each customer. It doesn’t always have to be about your product; you’ll still learn things. If you work in B2B, call up a customer every week just to see how things are going.


I’m sometimes surprised at where I find inspiration. Because I help small business owners, I tend to gravitate toward people I meet who are entrepreneurs, even if I meet them in the grocery store. If you sell physical products, pay attention to how people are using them out in the world. What’s missing? What could be made better?

Put it in Action: Just be open to insight from anywhere, and see where it takes you.

A Nice Hot Bath

Sounds funny, but I actually get a lot of ideas when I take a shower or bath. I attribute it to the fact that I’m in complete relaxation mode, and not trying to think of anything in particular. Then, sure enough, bam. A genius idea.

Put it in Action: Take more baths! Or showers. Or meditate. Whatever helps your brain unwind could help you move forward with your business.


I’m constantly highlighting phrases in books, dogearing magazines, and bookmarking websites. There’s so much information out there! Not every idea has to come from scratch, and you can find great influence from what other people write.

Put it in Action: Keep a file of physical or digital content that inspires you, then read through it when you need a jolt.