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Amanda Beren has worked for CorpNet and the Akalps’ prior business incorporation service for almost 15 years. She started working for CorpNet at age 19. As a Senior Document filing expert, as well as a 50 State Business Filings Expert, Amanda is responsible for processing documents, making sure the business filings are done correctly and efficiently and creating a complete and current document library and order fulfillment process. Amanda is mother to a beautiful daughter named Holly, and has a fat cat named Rocky.

How to Become an LLC for Under $200

Looking to form an LLC? It’s probably more affordable than you’d think. Let’s look at the costs involved to becoming an LLC, as well as your options for filing. First, Your Options If you like doing things yourself, you can download the LLC paperwork from your state’s Secretary of State office. It’ll take a little legwork, but it’s the cheapest option, as you only pay the filing fee.

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Fees for Incorporation in the State of Florida

Are you starting a business in the Sunshine State? Then you’re probably curious about the fees for incorporation in the state of Florida. But before we get into the costs to incorporate in Florida, let’s look at what’s required for your business to become a corporation.

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Florida LLC Fees and What You Need to Know

So you’ve decided that forming an LLC in Florida is the best move for your small business. Congratulations! The LLC is preferred by many small business owners because it serves as a kind of hybrid business structure: it’s got the best features of corporations, combined with those of limited partnerships. Best of all? The LLC protects your personal assets and creates a legal separation between you and the business.

2019-12-09T08:14:20-08:00May 6th, 2015|Categories: Startup and Launch|

Businesses Incorporated in Texas Need to Fill Out an Annual Report By May 15

Before you form an LLC in Texas or incorporate a business in Texas, it’s important that you know what your responsibilities will be in reporting on your business in future years. If you’ve already formed an LLC or corporation, you need to be aware of an important deadline on May 15. That’s the date your Annual Report — also called Franchise Tax Report — is due. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that you stay compliant with the state of Texas.

2019-12-09T07:47:14-08:00April 24th, 2015|Categories: Ongoing Management and Protection|

Incorporated in North Carolina? There’s an Important Deadline You Need to Know About

If you plan to incorporate in North Carolina or file an LLC there, or already have, there’s a deadline coming up that you need to be aware of. Your Annual Report is due April 15. This document keeps the Secretary of State for North Carolina up to date on your business contact information and ensures that you stay compliant with your business.

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