Trademark applicationNow that you’ve started your business, it’s time to protect your new business name, both in the state where you do business as well as every other state in the US. How can you do that? A trademark is a great place to start.

Why Registering Your Business Name Isn’t Enough

But Nellie, you say, I already registered my business name. Isn’t that protection enough?

Actually…no. Registering your business’ name in your state ensures that no other LLC or corporation uses it, but that does not put a shield around your name in any other state. So if you register T-Shirts Extravaganza in the state of Utah, another T-Shirts Extravaganza could register its business name in Texas. Or Delaware. You get the idea. Once that happens, if you both sell online, you’ll be competing in search engine results, and people may confuse your brands.

While you’re at it, consider trademarking your business logo too. This keeps any other company from using a logo that is too similar to your own that might be confused with yours.

Perks to Trademarking Your Business Name (and Logo)

Did you realize that your business name and logo are among your company’s most valuable assets? They’re your calling card, so to speak, and the thing that connects people to you. Isn’t it worth protecting something so important?

Trademarking your name and/or logo takes that protection one level past registering your business name. You get nationwide coverage and the peace of mind of knowing that no one who has registered an LLC or corporation can use the same name or logo as your company. (Note: this doesn’t prevent a sole proprietor or partnership from using the same name, because those names aren’t regulated by anyone government entity).

Another benefit is that if your business name is trademarked, it makes it easier to secure your business name on social media sites. In the event that someone is already using that name on a social site, you have legal backup that may sway the site to grant that name to you.

You can also use the ® symbol after your business name or logo if it’s registered, which may make your brand look more professional.

How to Work with CorpNet to File Your Trademark

If you’re convinced of the value in trademarking your business name, we’re happy to do the legwork for you. Start by using our free federal trademark search to ensure that the name you want for your business is available and not trademarked by another business in the US.

Then, if your name is available, fill out our super simple Trademark Application. From there, we’ll work with the USPTO (that’s the US Patent and Trademark Office) to process your application. It’s that simple.

In my mind, anything that will provide a layer of protection to your business is a worthwhile investment.