Seed and Development

Seed and Development

Do you have a business idea and you’re ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship? If so, our seed and development articles are a perfect fit for you and your new business. Our blog posts will help you assess if your idea is viable and we’ll teach you how to turn this idea into in a profitable business venture.

Top Five Low Cost Franchises to Consider in 2018

Many people who desire the financial security and independence of owning their own business assume franchises are simply too expensive to consider. While it’s true many name brand franchises like Dunkin Donuts and Subway carry price tags that can climb into the millions, there are a growing number of franchises for entrepreneurs interested in a low-cost opportunity.

For the risk-averse and those with less money to invest or who wish to avoid going through the gauntlet of finding bank financing, the advantages of a low-cost franchise are quite appealing. While the investment is […]

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Developing a Business Plan That Anyone Can Execute

Developing a business plan, securing financing, and putting together a winning team—all are key components of getting your new business on the right path from the start. But without a business plan, you may not stand a chance of recruiting your dream team or landing the financing you need.

The Ins and Outs of Developing a Business Plan

We’ve all read the stories of million-dollar businesses that started with a few ideas jotted on a scrap of paper or a bar napkin. But in reality, how many of those businesses grew to million-dollar sales […]

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Creating Your Own Business and Loving What You Do!

The entrepreneurs you read about or see on TV may seem like overnight successes—but in reality, creating your own business doesn’t happen overnight. Behind every successful business idea, months (or even years) of thought and planning have gone into launching it. After all, who wants to risk the money, time and effort required to start a new business on a mere whim?

One of the keys to success is creating a business you’re excited about. Your passion will help you persist through all the obstacles. Here are three ideas for creating your own […]

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How to Legally Structure Your Business To Secure Financing

All the pieces of your entrepreneurial dream are finally falling into place. You have a name for your business, a product or service that makes you super excited, and you’ve even started noodling designs and logos. Before you can go much further, however, you’re going to need funding. And in order to get funding, you will need to decide what type of structure is best for your business: a sole proprietorship DBA (doing business as); a C corporation or S corporation; a professional limited liability company (PLLC) or a limited liability […]

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Should You Buy A Business Or Start One From Scratch?

Hope your New Year is off to a great start! As you’re looking to make 2017 a year of prosperity, have you set your sights on becoming a business owner? If so, you’re probably wondering whether buying an existing business or starting your own company will offer the best chances of success.

Both have their advantages and challenges, so how do you choose? I wish there were an easy answer, but I’m afraid you’ll need to do some research and put some serious thought into your decision. As you explore your options, consider […]

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21 Things Our Dads Teach Us That Make Us Better Entrepreneurs

A Dad and His Kids

Every year around Father’s Day, I reflect on the profound impact my own father had on my self-confidence and work ethic. His encouragement and the fine example he set forth have contributed to my ability to succeed in business.

And every day, I see Phil—my husband and co-founder of CorpNet—encourage self-assurance within our four children, laying the foundation for their future successes.

I imagine many of you have had similar life experiences.

Fathers, regardless of whether or not they’re entrepreneurs themselves, influence and […]

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How to Turn Your Passion Into a Career Opportunity

According to technology entrepreneur and author Daniel Gulati, the biggest regrets of professionals he interviewed were taking a job for the money and staying in dissatisfying careers. Gulati also discovered that those who eventually quit their jobs to pursue their passions wish they had done so sooner. Number three on the regret list was wishing they had the confidence to start their own business.

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A Refresher Course: Starting a New Business From Scratch

Starting a new business venture can be both exciting and challenging. One of the biggest issues owners face is, of course, the best way to start, and how to ensure the success of their startup. We’ve come up with the top six tips for getting your business off the ground, and making sure it succeeds. 

Start With An Idea You Believe In

This seems like the most obvious of the list, but starting with a business idea that you really believe in will make the process all the easier. Doing […]

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15+ Online Resources for Startup Funding

If you’re contemplating getting funding for your startup, start by researching your funding options. Once you’ve decided which financing option is best for you, use the following resources to do your homework, find the best company to work with, and position your business as an attractive investment.

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Where to Start a Business if You’re a Millennial

Have you ever noticed how some cities seem younger than others? Some seem to offer more entertainment and opportunities than others, and therefore appeal to the Millennial generation. And when it comes to entrepreneurs, Millennials are ahead of the pack: more than 25% of them are self-employed.

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