If staff turnover is a concern in your small business, these tips will help you hire smarter. It’s important to hire the right people for the job so that they’ll enjoy working in your company and will stay with you over the long-term.  Read on to learn how to hire smarter.

  1. Start With the Job Description. Sometimes job descriptions are inaccurate, and sometimes you end up piling on the tasks as time goes on. But it’s important to stick to the description and to make sure the description appropriately covers what you expect out of a given role. If a new hire is comfortable with and capable of tending to everything on the list, he should be happy in his job. But if you add on responsibilities or change his roles, he’ll begin to feel weighed down and stressed.
  2. Set Up Your Interview. When you think about it, spending just 20 minutes talking to a potential employee who could stay with your company for years just doesn’t seem like enough time investment. But you don’t want to waste hours interviewing people either. Find the balance by identifying questions that will really give you a sense for who the person is, and whether he’d be a good fit for your company. It can also help to bring in someone who would be working with this role to give their perspective on job candidates.
  3. Work with a Recruiter. Most small businesses post jobs on job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, but sometimes the best candidates aren’t even looking for jobs. Recruiters tend to have strong networks and know who might be swayed to change companies for the right opportunity.
  4. Offer Competitive Compensation. Even if you can’t afford to pay top dollar for salaries, you can offer other perks that appeal to talent. Flexible schedules, work-from-home opportunities, and great health benefits are a few of the perks that might draw in the most skilled workers.
  5. Offer Regular Raises. Give performance evaluations each quarter, and make sure to financially compensate workers for a job well done. Even when times are tough, make salary increases the last thing you cut.

Finding and keeping quality employees is a challenge every business faces, but with a little planning, before you hire and a little effort to maintain open communication and show appreciation of your staff, you’ll reduce turnover and keep your star employees for years.

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