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Posted June 07, 2021
| Updated April 15, 2024

Kentucky Annual Reports: When They’re Due and How to File Them

In Kentucky, Limited Liability Companies, C Corporations, Limited Partnerships, and Business Trusts must file an annual report with the Kentucky Secretary of State office. Businesses operating as Sole Proprietors or General Partnerships do not have to file.

Kentucky annual reports allow the State to provide accurate information to the public about the business entities registered there. Registered entities must file their report each year—even if they had no business activity or income. The report due date, regardless of entity type, is June 30 and businesses may file anytime between January 1 and June 30.

How to File Your Annual Report

There are three options for filing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

  1. Return the annual report postcard the State mailed to the business via the United States Postal Service
  2. File the annual report online via the Kentucky Secretary of State website
  3. Print the annual report from the Secretary of State website and return it by mail or deliver it in person

New businesses filing for the first time must:

  • Submit the names and addresses of the entity’s officers, directors, members, managers, or trustees
  • Confirm the principal business address
  • Confirm the registered agent and its address
  • Sign and date the report
  • Pay a $15 state filing fee

Existing businesses that have filed before must:

  • Confirm the names and addresses of the entity’s officers, directors, members, managers, or trustees
  • Identify any necessary changes that should be made and update the information on the annual report (or an attached sheet of paper if filing a printed form)
  • Confirm the principal business address
  • Confirm the registered agent and its address*
  • Sign and date the report
  • Pay a $15 filing fee

If a business already filed its annual report and needs to modify it, it needs to file an amendment.

*Please note that entities may not make changes to their principal address or registered agent on the annual report postcard. Business owners must make those changes via a statement of change—either a Statement of Change of Principal Office (POC) or a Statement of Change of Registered Agent and Office​ (RAC)​. The cost to file statements of change is $10 per form.

Nonprofit organizations that need to file:

  • Nonprofits, cooperatives, and religious corporations follow a process similar to those for LLCs and for-profit Corporations
  • Their annual reports are also due by June 30 each year
  • Reports can be filed online or via a paper form
  • The fee is $15

We Can Help File Your Annual Report

CorpNet can take the guesswork out of the filing process. Our team has experience in filing annual reports in all 50 states, and we can ensure that your annual registration is prepared and e-filed correctly.

Penalties for Not Filing by the Due Date

Kentucky doesn’t charge late fees for not filing an annual report. However, the State indicates it may administratively dissolve a domestic (in-state) entity or revoke a foreign (formed in another state) entity’s authority to conduct business if it misses the June 30 deadline.

According to the State’s website, “Failure to file an annual report by June 30 will result in a status of bad standing. A (60) Sixty Day Notice will be mailed July 1, providing another 60 days in which to file the report. Annual reports received by August 31 will return the company to good standing without penalty.”

Businesses that ignore the reminders to submit their report and fail to comply by  August 31 will face either administrative dissolution or revocation of their authority to conduct business in Kentucky.

How You Can Restore Good Standing

It’s far easier and less time-consuming to stay in good standing. However, if the unfortunate circumstance of falling into bad standing happens, there are ways to get back into the State’s good graces.

Domestic registered business entities can reinstate by printing a Reinstatement Application from the State’s website and then mailing or hand-delivering the application to the Secretary of State’s office. Businesses must also pay any delinquent filing fees that they owe.

Foreign business entities can requalify to do business in Kentucky by applying for a Certificate of Authority. The company must pay a filing fee of $90 when submitting its application.

How to Contact the Secretary of State

The fastest ways to get in touch with the Kentucky Secretary of State office are by phone (502-564-3490), fax (502-564-5687), or via the website.

Get It Done Correctly and On-Time

We know you have many other things that need your undivided attention, so why not decrease your workload by asking us to handle your annual report preparation and filing for you?

CorpNet’s filing experts have helped thousands of Kentucky businesses with their annual reports, reinstatements, business licenses and permits, registered agent needs, and other state compliance filings. We’re here to assist you, too!


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