CorpNet could never have achieved what we have without our exceptional team members! We’ve recently created several videos to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of our company and allow you to get to know some of the people responsible for guiding our business and fulfilling our vision. In this post, we’re pleased to introduce CorpNet Co-Founder Phil Akalp and the video that features him.

Who Is Phil Akalp?

Phil says most people know him as “Nellie’s husband.” The couple has been building companies together for several decades. They sold their first company to Intuit in 2008 for $20 million — and then decided to get right back into the world of business ownership. In 2009, with four desks and PCs in the back room of their house, they launched CorpNet.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Phil felt that he didn’t really fit in anywhere. Out of law school, he struggled to find a job as an attorney. But that was a blessing in disguise because it led him to where he truly does fit in — entrepreneurship.

As someone who thrives on keeping busy and productive, Phi’s passion and determination have been instrumental in driving CorpNet’s growth from the very beginning.

Other CorpNet team members say Phil’s magnetic personality lights up the room. They describe him as “the brains behind CorpNet” and someone who thinks out of the box.

Watch Phil’s video now to get to know more about him and his personal credo to have the most significant positive impact on those around him.