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Seven Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn for Accountants

With more than 546 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. The social network has established a solid niche for itself by focusing on workforce needs such as finding new business, searching for jobs and building professional relationships. Plus, if you know the secrets to using it successfully, LinkedIn could be a major […]

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Tax Season Survival Kit for Accountants

No matter what your industry, you know when your busy season is about to start. For retailers, it’s the holidays; for florists, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day; for water parks or surf schools, summer. For accountants, of course, it’s tax season, where you can generate half your annual revenue or more for your accounting during […]

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Increasing Client Satisfaction in Accounting Firms

What if you could increase customer satisfaction, while also increasing your revenue and profits? What if you could accomplish both objectives without changing your existing workload or staff?

In a recent webinar, we walked through the benefits moving towards a more proactive mode with clients by helping them manage the burden of incorporation, LLC filings, registered agent […]

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