Woman Working at HomeI have worked from home for nearly ten years – for different businesses along the way and now for several businesses as I have a few clients. I mentioned in the Technology article how I do this – using Cloud Computing, Skype, Social Media.

These days more and more people are finding the need to work from home; they may have been made redundant and have to start up something themselves, technology dictates it’s cheaper if they work from home so their employer stipulates it for a few days a week, or maybe they just want to try it out because they can’t find any other work to do

However lots of people struggle to work from home – they get distracted easily, they don’t have the discipline or maybe they just like the office atmosphere of being around other people and having a chat over the water cooler. They feel working at home isolates them.

I’m probably the opposite as being around people distracts me, I have to have the discipline because if the work doesn’t get done no-one else is going to do it plus I don’t get paid. My chat over the water cooler will be Twitter when I’m having a coffee and I enjoy isolation – odd I know. :)

I have come across a lot of posts on the subject of working from home – how to concentrate, pros and cons, how to be productive and arranging your home office to avoid distractions. I thought I’d share some here for those wondering if working from home will suit them or not:

I hope the above have been some help to you if you are working from home. Would you be able to work from home easily? What tips would you give?