Bedding License

Business licenses and permits protect your customers and show them your business meets federal and state regulations. CorpNet can research and process a bedding license for you, which helps you avoid penalties and keep your business in compliance.

Navigating Licensure Can Be Tricky

Let CorpNet take care of the research and paperwork for you.

Planning to start a business in the bedding industry? What a “dreamy” choice! Be aware that the bedding industry is heavily regulated, and that if you plan to do any of the following in your business, you will be required to obtain one or more types of bedding license:

  • Sell or distribute bedding, either retail or wholesale
  • Manufacture any type of beds or bedding material
  • Import bedding products into your state
  • Renovate or germicidally treat used bedding

Why You Need a Bedding License

In the 1900s, many bedding manufacturers tried to pass off used bedding as new. Others took used materials and stuffed them in new mattress shells. Those that were using 100% new materials couldn’t compete on price with the manufacturers who were using underhanded tactics, and as a result, regulating authorities stepped in and started requiring specific business licenses, permits & tax documents. Now, your bedding products must undergo inspection and testing to ensure all the components are new and comply with state building license regulations.

While you know that the bedding you sell is quality and sanitary, having a state inspector confirm this gives your customers peace of mind when buying your bedding. There are certain standards that your state bedding licensing board wants to ensure that your products meet, including those related to the materials you use, measurements, and sanitizing processes.

Obtaining Your Bedding License

Depending on what you do with bedding (sell it, manufacture it, et cetera), there is a specific bedding business license for your business. You may be required to undergo an inspection, to ensure your product is of the highest quality and that your tags properly identify the materials per state law. Should you not pass the inspection the first time, you may be able to appeal the denial once your products are up to code.

Bedding licenses renew annually, so it’s important to pay your annual dues on time to ensure your business license doesn’t lapse. Keep in mind it may take 1-2 months for your bedding license to be processed and approved, so don’t start selling your products until you have your bedding license in hand.

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We'll Help You Discover Which Licenses and Permits You Need

Being licensed by the agency shows your customers that you meet federal and state regulations for safety, cleanliness, and honesty, which helps them trust your business.

  • We do the research and take out the guesswork so you know exactly which licenses or permits your business needs.
  • We provide the paperwork and instructions on how to file it, so it’s ready to be filed.
  • We'll file the paperwork for you with the appropriate agency, so you don't have to lift a finger!
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