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Business License Compliance Package(BLCp)TM

We provide you with all the licensing requirements and forums.

With our “Business License Compliance Package” we tell you which licenses, permits, and tax registrations you need for your type and place of business, and provide the actual applications.
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3. Experienced CorpNet licensing experts research your business
4. Receive a customized CorpNet Business License Compliance Package (BLCP)™
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Form Preparation Service

We prepare all your licensing paperwork,and deliver it to you signature-ready.

Our “Business License Preparation Service” will provide you with every business license, permit, and tax registration required for your business, pre-filled with your information and ready-to-file!

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3. Experienced CorpNet licensing experts research your business
4. Receive customized and PRE-FILLED business license applications
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Full Licensing Service

We obtain for you ALL required licenses.

We determine your licensing requirements, prepare and fill out all the necessary forms, submit the applications to the various licensing authorities on your behalf, and ensure that you receive all the necessary licenses, permits, and tax registrations.

Starting a business in construction or remodeling can be a major undertaking, but one that’s rewarding if your talent lies in these areas. Know that you’ll be required to adhere to some of the most stringent business license policies in any industry, simply because of the importance of constructing buildings that are solid and will last for years to come.

Types of Building Licenses

Before you can start a construction or remodel project, you’ve got to ensure you have all the appropriate business licenses, permits & tax forms, and they are many. You’ll need a building permit for every aspect of the building you’re putting up, including:

  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Mechanical components
  • Structure
  • Appliance installation
  • Retaining walls
  • Hot tub and pool installation
  • Fountain installation

Essentially, if you’re building it or installing it, there’s probably a business license you need first!

Applying for your Building Permit

Once you’ve determined which business licenses you need, prepare your blueprints for your city licensing department to review. Often, this can be done quickly in-person, and then you can move on to the next step.

Once you’ve submitted your building permit application and paid the necessary fees (which vary, based on where you live and the type of license you’re applying for), an inspector will come to your site to assess whether all work is being performed up to code. For long-term projects, this same inspector may come out at regular intervals to inspect various stages of the construction, such as the pouring of the foundation, slab construction, installation of electrical, insulation, or plumbing components, et cetera.

Consequences of Building Without a Permit

If you’re considering cutting corners to get your project done without a building license, consider this: you can be fined for each day you build without a permit. This can add up fast, and quickly eat away your budget. An inspector has the right to stop work on a project, which can put you behind on your schedule, and won’t make your client too happy. Stay on the safe side of the law and apply for your building permit before you start construction.

Before you begin a construction or remodeling project, make a list of all types of business permits you will need before you get started, and allow ample time for them to be processed and approved before you begin work.