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With our Business License Compliance Package, we'll research your business so we can tell you which business licenses, permits, and tax registrations you need for your geographical location and type of business. We also include the actual applications, so you can quickly take care of your compliance requirements.

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If you plan to work as a contractor or engineer, you’ll likely need more than one kind of building license. In addition to your contractor’s license and building permit, you’ll also need a sewer permit if your building contains bathrooms and running water (and we assume it does!).

Before starting your building construction project, you’ll need to first have your sewer blueprint or plans approved by your city’s Public Works department or the Bureau of Engineering. Not sure if your project needs a sewer license? If you’re involved in building, constructing, or repairing any of the following, you need this building license:

  • Residential or commercial sewer
  • Industrial waste sewer connection
  • Industrial waste storm drain connection
  • Storm drain connection
  • Special drainage connection

Check with your city’s business license agency to ensure you have the necessary business licenses, permits & tax forms you need.

A Sewer Permit for Every Project

As a contractor or builder, it’s essential that you get a new sewer license for every project you work on before you start the work. That means you need to allow time for the licensing agency to process your application and review your plans before you start building. Failure to do so can result in your construction project getting shut down or you being fined.

The goal of having contractors secure a sewer permit is to ensure that the work they do meets city standards and will be safe for inhabitants or users of the building. It’s better for the business license agency to find a flaw in your design than for that flaw to cause a flood in a public building!

Your city may also have regulations about where a sewer line can be dug, and where it can’t, so in the review process for your application, you’ll find out if your plans meet those requirements.

Finding the Right Sewer Permit

Depending on the scope of your project, you may need to apply for a specific type of sewer license. Some types of sewer permits include:

  • Sewer connection permit
  • Supplemental sewer permit
  • Storm drain permit

Make sure you apply for the appropriate sewer license prior to starting your project.