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Plan to start a business as a health club or spa? You’ll need a health club/spa license before you start operating. There are actually many types of companies that require one of these business licenses, including:

  • Health club
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Sports club
  • Tennis club
  • Racquetball court
  • Martial arts studio

If you’re not sure whether your facility needs a spa license. contact your business licenses, permits & tax board to find out.

Additionally, you may need other types of business licenses to open your business, like a business tax license or certificate of authority.

Checklist for Spas and Health Clubs

When applying for your health club license, there are several things you’ll need to submit along with the application. First, your state may require a Certificate of Deposit for a minimum amount of money. Your state may also require a Letter of Credit or Bond. These items may be presented with your health club/spa license application to prove that you are financially solvent and can afford to open and operate a business in this industry.

You may also be asked for:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Sample membership contracts
  • Financial statements
  • A site plan
  • Inspection of the premises

There are other requirements you will need to agree to when you sign your spa license. One is that, if you offer recurring memberships, you provide the ability to easily cancel membership and services. You cannot penalize a member who wishes to cancel a membership unless he violates your membership policy (i.e. you require a one-year contract and he wants to end it after 3 months).

Make sure to keep your health club/spa license up to date and renew it as required to avoid potential fees.