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Whether you are a dealer, retailer, processor, or anyone else looking to start a business selling eggs, the first thing you need is an egg license. The reason: consumers want to have faith that the eggs they buy are of the best quality and don’t contain any surprises. It’s your job to ensure that you use only quality chickens to produce the best eggs, and that you adhere to your state’s guidelines when it comes to selling eggs.

Which Are You?

Not sure what kind of health license you need? See which of these descriptions fits your role in selling eggs.

Dealer: You are an egg dealer if you buy eggs from producers or other dealers and sell them to another dealer, processor, or retailer.
Retailer: You sell eggs to consumers.
Processor: If the work you do involves breaking eggs or processing egg liquids, whole egg meats, yolks, whites, or any mixture of yolks and whites with or without adding other ingredients, you are considered a processor.

Applying for Your Egg License

The business license application for any of the above types of businesses is fairly simple. Once you fill out the necessary business licenses, permits & tax paperwork, you will need to schedule an inspection of your facility. This is to ensure that you’re running your egg business by your state’s cleanliness and health safety regulations. If you are found in violation of any of its laws, you may be rescheduled for a second exam, or completely denied your egg license.

Once you receive your egg license, make sure to keep it renewed annually and pay the fee to do so.

Your Responsibility

Selling eggs carries many health risks, the most well known being salmonella. If someone becomes ill after eating your eggs, you may find it hard to sell your eggs to anyone. Always follow protocol for inspecting your own eggs and throwing out any that don’t meet the quality standards you guarantee.